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Comments regarding the release of Page 2, Parts I & II.

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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Osiris Gram, Volume 1, Number 5]
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 12:26:14 -0700

Thanks Larry,
but I enjoy the adventure of going up to the website and scanning them. It was really
enlightening for me to go through them all, many for the first time (shot memory > = first time for
me (:^) It gives me a sense of accomplishment, I can imagine how it must make you feel.... Wish I could help more, but for now, I can offer only support, my prayers, and a few of my guardian angels, on loan to you in the weeks ahead as you begin this latest adventure.

Love and Light


Date sent: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 19:37:26 -0700
From: ALCat <>
To: Jeff Laymon
Subject: [Fwd: Osiris Gram, Volume 1, Number 5]

> This was addressed to you. I have not taken her off the list, and I
> will double check to see that she is still there... Love and Light to
> you Jeff, I have more emails to post to the web, I will forward them to
> you first before I put them on and publish them... OK.. ok...
> Lar
#### Administrative Assistant

Subject: Hello
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 11:40:57 -0500

Hello Larry,

Where do I begin?? Well, I have been keeping up with your site from time
to time and I must say I enjoy all your work and efforts pertaining to
Egypt/coverups/pyramid. I am glad to know someone is trying to get to the
real truth. I have just read your new update on the Hall of Osiris and I
think it is great also. I read the comments people make about it and one
caught my eye. If you can remember, it was one from "Michele" and it was
about two messages she was to give you from Isis or something like that.

Well, these type of things have been happening to me as well and I know you
probably get these stories left and right from every "crackpot" there is.
But just to let you know, there are many, many of us "out here" that are
pretty much away from the loop of what is going on in Egypt and some, like
me, that have had experiences throughtout life that have no idea of what
they mean. Only until the last year have I tried to figure out things and
have actually sped up the process or something for I am getting more
information now than ever! Maybe it is the time Cayce fortold of that when
the time is right, things will begin to be revealed. I think from reading
your articles and your research, you are a very big part in this. I didn't
exactly know what to do with "my" information, but like so many others I
keep quiet for fear of people laughing and puttin me away for mental

Oh, well! People I have come to know recently told me that I
should tell my experiences as well since I was not alone and in hopes they
might get to the right person if they mean anything at all. I have told it
to a few people and like I said they seem to think I fit in with the
make-it-upers and need-the-attention-ers.

Well, to the point then. I had dreams when I was about 14 or so of me traveling in a boat, like the
Egyptian ones, with two "guards" rowing the boat with poles. I was seated in
the center with robes and something at my feet like an artifact. I was
underground in a network of canals, going to a "hidden room". (I'm not
saying this is the "HOR", but a room nonetheless) We made many turns left
and right in a maze of tunnels as to detour anyone from getting in if they
did not know the way. We pull up to a landing and there are "bird" women
(with wings) dancing some ritualistic dance and sentinels guarding the door.
I place a final artifact at an altar at the door and it is sealed afterwards.

Now, I knew nothing of Giza, the GP or HOR until about 2 years
ago. How could this be? Tunnels underground? Rooms with artifacts? There is
no way one can make up something one has never heard of. Lately over the
past few months I feel I have been contacted by, hold on to your hat, Ra!
Mostly in dreams, but I find dreams very good for information. Some only
count them as things from cons. mind to the subcon. mind. I don't however.

These dreams have told me of a "portal" near my home where a vast array of
creatures have been coming through such as gnomes, angels, gazelle, a 1/2
elephant 1/2 man creature, and a crocodile! Ok, so maybe I am crazy. Then
the Ra thing happens. I never "see" him but his presence is there.

In the last one, I am in a temple made of bluish large stones. I can see the street
outside and I look on the wall at mosaic pictures of deity gods. As I am
looking at one, I am sucked to it like a magnet, pulling my across the
floor. Then I saw an Egyptian woman appear in spirit. The black bob type
hair, gold adornments around the head and body. "She" said that I possessed
a natural talent that has only been had by one other and there would be an
archaeologist that would KILL ME for these abilities that I had. With that,
like maybe a warning or something, she turns and looks out to this street

Walking by is an archaeologist drinking coffee and he sees me and
runs toward me pulling out a beautiful golden "Ra" dagger and tries to kill
me. We struggle, I get the dagger and he runs off.

Next I see myself in long flowing robes and "feel" like some sort of priest. Also Horus has made
himself know in a dream and I was given, for lack of better term, an ice
coin! It was a coin of ice and had his image engraved into it. Ra has also
"told" me that he needs to take me through this "portal" to get to the HOR.
That there were 3 who would be allowed inside it and 9 others that had
something directly to do with it also, but he would help me.

SOUNDS CRAZY I know, but there you have it. Judge for yourself but from your experience, at
least you can empathize with my feelings of wonder/confusion as to what has
taken place. I believe, personally, that the time is nearing and many that
have to do with the unveiling of this mystery have incarnated back and we
will work together to right the wrongs being done. Of all the people such as
Amargi, West, Bauval,etc that I have been reading about lately, YOU are on
the right track, not that they aren't, but yours is a more true seeking for
the spiritual aspect more than others. God Bless You on your sojourn and I
will try and keep up with your site in hopes of some revealing information.

I would also like to know about that name thing on the wall of somewhere,
what are some of the others if you know or at liberty to say?? Thanks again.


Subject:  Re:
Date:  Thu, 3 Jun 1999 20:06:50 EDT

Thank you!

Yes, please place me on your mailing list.

Blaine, WA

Walk in Peace

Subject: Interested/Village Secrets
Date:  Thu, 3 Jun 1999 17:57:37 -0600

Hello, to whom it may concern:

I am very interested and would like to read the "real" whereabouts of the progress at the Giza plateau. My name is Farid and I am an amateur historian. I commend Mr. Hunter for his truth regarding the discoveries at one of the most important sites in the world. Humanity must know the real truth.

I am aware of the importance in the dates in regarding the discoveries, which has been predicted. When I watched the Fox special, in a way I knew the world wasn't fed the truth. In my heart, the important finds have been kept secret. I would like to know the truth from an objective source.

The follow up (Part 2) on your experience at the Great Pyramid was really profound. In my suspicion, the Great Pyramid serves as a tuner for the frequency for the true resonance of the human body to the relationship of the Earth.

I hope to receive a response....and thank you for your time.


Subject:  more info
Date:  Thu, 3 Jun 1999 14:31:25 -0400

Mr. Hunter,

I was recently browsing the Internet, searching for information regarding
the many mysteries/coverups dealing with Egyptian monuments, when I came
across your website. You present many interesting points, but the website
leaves me desiring more...How can I receive more information concerning all
of your ideas (not just dealing with the Secret Chamber)? I know that there
are different e-mail addresses corresponding to each subject on your
website, but I am hoping that you can provide me an answer simply through
this communication--without having to e-mail each individual address. I am
very interested in this subject, and am sending printouts from your website
to my uncle, who is also an avid, though amateur, "investigator". I hope
you can find the time to answer me. It would be greatly appreciated.
Please continue to research, and keep up the good work.



Subject:  Pyramids
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 12:52:12 +0000

Hi Larry,

Jeff Laymon has told me you reveal some secrets on your web site. I have
been following your adventures for some time now.  I heard you on Jeff
Rense Radio Show last year. Please tell me about the hidden treasures
being sold.

Thank you,

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 01:15:12 EDT


I attempted to connect to your web site with no success. I hope that recorded the address correctly.  Could you please confirm this for me.

Thank you,

Subject: Re: Osiris Gram, Volume 1, Number 5
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 10:01:30 EDT


Thank you for this informative memo. I'm going to the web site. Please keep me on your mailing list.

Thank you, Elaine

Subject: Page 2
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 21:37:09 -0500

What a read!

This seems quite a bit different from the original post from last year. I have the text from that page saved (at least part one).  Would you like me to forward that to you, or do you already have it?

Tomas & Susan

Subject:  Keep up the good work
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 20:47:06 -0700

Dear Larry.

I also have strong memories of ancient times. You are on track. Be well --


Subject: your email
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 20:30:23 -0700

Dear Larry,

Thanks for your Osiris-gram.  I checked your site today and have just spent whatever time it took to read and re-read your update.  It's vital you continue to get this information out.

Most people have absolutely no idea of the premeditated re-creation of
our true origins, birthright and our awesome potential.  Your work is an important opening of energy.  Keep going!

By the way, a few days ago, Hawass was interviewed on a programme aired
on UK TV during which it was stated that a golden capstone will be placed
on the GP for the Millenium celebrations.  If you go there later this month, be careful.

With all good wishes.

God Bless You,


Subject: Great Step 1844
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 14:53:58 -0600


In accordance with the chronograph incorporated
into the Great Pyramid's design, I believe that
the Great Step which marks the year 1844
represents the fulfillment of all that needed to
be done to restore the gospel in these latter
days. I have much evidence to support this but
without saying more, this was done when Joseph
Smith, founder of the LDS church (Mormon), was
killed by a mob at Carthage Jail in Illinois in
that same year. When Joseph Smith died, the world
became ready to take that Great Step into
enlightenment and immortality in the King's
Chamber. Also, I believe that the bow emblem in
the antechamber symbolises Zion. I just wanted to
spread the word like any good Mormon missionary,
so if you are interested in the details, I am just
as interested in sharing them with you.


Subject: details
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 22:19:16 +0200

Dear Larry,
or Jeff if He can't answer to me, I'd want to have some details about these astonishing things read in yuor report:

1) Is it true that your name was found on a wall of a secret chamber inside the Great Pyramid?
2) Where does it lie, just near the King Chamber or elsewhere?
3) Is your name written in ancient genuine hieroglyphs (can you show to me how is written?) and also in arabic words in another place in tehe same chamber?
4) Are there others names written on the wall there, and who and how many are them (contemporaneous or old persons)?
5) Is this secret chamber the same in which lies the body of Osiris?
6) This fact may allow consequently that the journeys through the chronological time were possible just in a very old time: may it be related to the properties of the crystals, like the crystal chamber inside the Great Pyramid? and the mysterious hieroglyphs found in the "Osireion" at Abidos can suggest the hypothesis of such "journeys through the time" upon the earth? (and also in the space?)
7) Was then Osiris, with the aid of Thoth, the first traveller through the time?

Hoping in your answers I ask to you whether the next details in yuor web site "Hall of Records" will be posted in short time, because the interesting story described suggest a continuation about a lot of facts through the years after 1979.

A lot of regards and ...Love and Light.


Subject: Re: Osiris Gram, Volume 1, Number 5
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 14:52:20 -0500


Oh Thank You and Larry for Helping all of us "out of the loop" but, with great Interest in the subjects you cover,

I myself have been drawn to the pyramids since I first found out about them as a boy.

I have persued my career as an EE instead, I still wish I could find a way to "connect" somehow to these happenings.....

Once again, Thankyou so much for you're efforts from Me and All of the people I inform of you're wonderful sight!

John G.

Subject: Uru, son of the sunrise
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 19:34:27 -0700

Hello Larry,

I just read about your results in doing research on the pyramids.
Although the whole story sounds so interesting but only one little
aspect reminds me to a story told by my mother.
Accordance to her and from the stories told by her parents, beneath
their island there must be a wide range of tunnels which connecting one
island with others.

There have never been some research on this matter.

Someone told me that to embalm the mummies the Egyptians also used
cloves? Is that true???


Subject: Tell me more!
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 13:39:50 EDT


I have only been able to acquire information directly related to the Sphinx
for just over four months now. I am compiling all reports I find concerning
the Sphinx directly and Giza. Roughly two months ago I found a notice on the
web stating an entrance had been found between the paws and that upon opening it a statue made of black stone of an Egyptian in a seated position was found directly inside the entrance. Before I was able to save the article to disk, I lost me connection. If have any information regarding the entrance and the statue please let me know.

Many thanks,

PS Your sight is so important to all of us. I wish you luck, good health and
the realization of your dreams.

Subject: just a short note......
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 13:15:20 EDT

I really enjoyed your web site. I too have a deep connection with Egypt and
the GP. Years ago I came across a privately published manuscript by David
Lewis called "Mysteries of the Pyramids" describing entry into the secret
rooms. I was moved to share it with you if you don't have a copy. I look
forward to hearing from you.


Subject: Osiris/Isis
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 11:17:57 -0500 (CDT)
>From your recent article:

"I felt like I had the plague or something. Ever felt like you were in
the 'Twilight Zone'?"

Right this very minute.
I thought I was through with you, and would never know what happened or
why. And yet, I can't completely forget about it.
In the early spring of 1998, I experienced what for me was a bizarre and
transforming time. "Spirits" came into my life for a matter of a few
months and told me things which I expected would become clear, but never
did. Why did they bring me the story of Isis and Osiris? Why did one of
them claim to be Isis? Why did they direct me to e-mail you with two
strange messages? Perhaps you will remember them:
Isis is returned and will reveal herself in November.
Isis and Set were the original god and goddess, not Isis and Osiris. You
will find the evidence of this on a stone.

What has all this got to do with my life? Why did they take control of my
body and seat me in a ritual position, directing my (black, jackal-like)
dog to take up a position in front of me, and swing my arms chest high,
arcing from left to right, then turn me to face the opposite direction and
repeat the ritual? Why did they walk me across town bemoaning the loss of
and in search of my love, lead me to a stream of water, walk me to its
edge, and then release me? Why did they indicate to me that a young man
with whom I work is Osiris? And then leave with no more contact and no
explanation? Who are they? She?

I know very little of the myths. After these things happened to me, I
tried to read all I could find, and nothing became clear. I quit being
concerned about it, but I must have subscribed to something you are doing
before I let it go, because today I received a message about your article
on the Hall. I tried to read it, hoping for some insights, but I simply
have become frustrated with it all. "Twilight Zone" indeed.

What have you to do with me? What have I to do with you? Why did I get
those strange messages for you? Did they mean anything?

I live a rather normal life. But I don't feel normal. I never felt like
I was like everybody else, but lots of people feel that way. Now,
however, I feel privileged in a strange way, but also somewhat crazy.
And at times, I feel like someone's experiment, a god's robot.

Best wishes, I think.

Subject: Re: Osiris Gram, Volume 1, Number 5
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 11:16:46 EDT

Larry.... Friend

I just want to tell you.... I am reading your words on your page(s) and
tears are flowing freely down my face... Aho Mitaku ye Oyasin
my heart has always been telling me so much about all these things you
speak of... so much that my head could not and still can not even begin to
comprehend... I know Home is near..... Home what a beautiful sacred word it
is  |-| O /\/\ D  From my heart I offer you my deep gratitude and great appreciation for your courage and your caring...

For the Love of All

mitaku ye oyasin
Laughing Deer

Subject: Re: Osiris Gram, Volume 1, Number 5
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 10:34:38 EDT

Oh Larry Thank you Thank you Oh Thank you so very very much

It is time.... I knew, I could feel you have been working on something that
in a sense has literally meant your life.... Though we know each other little or
not at all, recalling many forgotten footsteps we are both familiar to their paths..

I have been concerned for your well being.. I am overjoyed to know you are
well and to now see where you have been and what you have been doing <smile> my heart is smiling

wa chin maya o ya ki hi ye
mitaku ye oyasin

Laughing Deer

Subject: Osiris Gram, Volume 1, Number 5
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 02:20:12 -0700
From: ALCat <>
To: "" <>

>From the Web Site of Larry Hunter: "Osiris Gram", Volume 1, Number 5
Osiris Grams provide timely information about important additions to our various projects now posted on, as well as breaking news from Giza.
Dear Subscribers,
This is an Email Bulletin and Newsletter, "Osiris Gram" notifying you of an update to the web site Page 2 of the Hall of Osiris has been posted.
Please email comments to:

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 16:15:22 -0600

Hey buddy,

long time no talk. I'm older er now so i gotoo admit that the
dreams are more of complex stories than simple put to gether
These so called "aliens" aliens 'aliens' they have they're place. And i
get more from what i read off of them then what happened before in
dreams, you forget it.
Logically a person could look at a problem and solve because it is
within their time to experiement upon the thing synched within thier
time period/zone.

At the state of conciousness they are in; shamanisically, you take some
mind altering drug go inside into within the artifact you displace
time/space/other, and focus what was past done , old rituals and old
habits of the holderer and the holdereree. Not by coincidence are you
revealed the life you once took, through karma and the life-style and
endurements go around again and experience the same things happening
over again. and in - bewteen some really kind soul has the gual to start a war, i
wonder p e o p l e realize when the shit goes down how many more will be
in control.  An war is dumb, it's basically oh you pissed the wrong people off oh you
can't do anything about it and vent, were bideing our time my friend.
unlimited resources And spiritualistically the real things are beings
eye can't see i'll believe are real and have some appeal but the world
they come of is white and the come to be blue when the sneek in my
window and steal some more energy too.

I'll get out though.... I told ya i'm cursed .... and you know all about
geometric and that spiral stair-case thing.... that geometrically on a
refelction basis as this house on ley lines and line nexeses. Is so many
knowledgable and similiar things in the world, yet the world pretends
that "truth" is any different I wish people would realize to see what
the value is to build from scratch this raw power and harness it in just
about a controllable way it slowly slipping out and extracting itself
each time it is used. But we never notice we tolerate and try to live
and work and play in some kind of peaceful harmony, yet when we know we
can't speak any-more because of paranoia of who's got the most control
and who has the means to carry the factor to the next higher level into
the next higher truth.
it is what you make of it the reality is everything you ever thought of
saw or seen or even glimpsed of is real
i wish peace on you
have a nice daze
and enjoy the grand - cross


p.s. now sea-gulls talk to me ;)

Subject: fears 2
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 23:18:06 +0200

Dear Larry
I don't have news about you just for 4 days, despite having posted an e-mail. I guess you'd have a lot of things to write and to read because you usually answer to me very shortly.  But, especially having read your new article posted in your internet site "Hall of Osiris", I really fear for your own safeness. I beg you of sending to me news about you as soon as possible.  Love and Light... and Bravery!

Subject: report
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 22:24:58 +0200

Dear Larry,

I'm just returned back from Giza where I have been told by some "ufficial" guides that escavationas are going on these days in the Great Pyramid by a German group. This group is expected to finish his job around May end. The entrance to the great Pyramid was closed.  Looking at the top (on the side of the Solar Ship Museum) I have seen some people movements, right down the top, possibly in
coincidence with the shaft orientation.(I still have to develope my photos).   Officially I was told that works are related with ventilation but unofficially they told me that they are escavating a tunnel to
reach the Ganterbrick door.

Since I follow regularly on the Internet what goes on related to the Giza monuments, I just wanted to report this to you. (maybe you knew already!).

My best regards and compliments for you website.

Roberto  - Milan - Italy

Subject: hakan, sweden, again
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 22:33:24 +0200

To mr. Larry Hunter

Goodevning !  Im here again to bother you, just kidding !

I have read your tour down to Giza long time ago.
I have heard ( read ) that the chamber down under could get these type of
visions ( I shoure inded try my self, if it where possible ) You sad this, and
others dont feel nothing while others feel other things.

Today I have read on David Ickes site (

Sermonies should be held on aug. 11 (solar eclipse day)

Its the illumanti, and they like the pyramid.I think Im going down to see it, Its time for some actions, some facts!  Have you consern this that the Pyramids are negative sourse ?

Whatch out " my friend "

One other thing I want to hear your thout of is :Innana returns ( Susan Ferguson )( www.inannareturns )

What is your belive in that the godnes Inanna e-mails down to earht her
self. I have try to reach this S. Ferguson for a coments - but no.......

One other thing, please read if you have time :

MARDUK have a real importent thing to say !

Mr. Jack Daniels post back April 30 -99

Larry, its a crazy world...

One last thing. If beings from other dimensions try to conect to us,
wy not getting it serious ? Drunvalo, shame on you - he dos not want to
respond my e-mail to him and explain this sh..t...

Whit no fear : Hakan

If you have the time, please feed back !!

Subject: fears 2
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 22:30:58 +0200

Dear Larry,

after having read your astonishing new report, I requestion to you whether you fear for your own safeness, and wheter you think of recoming in the future in the land of Egypt.
The things written about Hawass and Lehner may guess that they are like "princes of Devil". Having previously read that Lehner, being sponsorized by Cayce foundation for years, quite suddenly changed his mind as his behaviour about the new age of Egyptology I thought that he should be learned about some particularly secrets, even by Hawass himself, and persuaded by him
in few weeks to became sceptic and detached in front of all the ArchaeoAstronomists. Hawass then, in my opinion, have something of dark or satanic personality, that might explain the things by him done. Do you think that they can cover-up the astonishing discoveries for a lot of time in the future? Why they want to use the body of Osiris in such a sacrilegiously way?

Perhaps for obtaining the life for ever (as the ANKH hieroglyph)? Don't they fear of by-passing the limits of men in front of a God?  Is Amargi Hillier the same author of the internet site whose URL is   I'd want to have some details about the fact that were found hieroglyphs and arabic words of your name inside the Great Pyramid. Where and in what time were probably written and found them and read by your Egyptian friends? Is it possible to have photographs of these amazing discoveries? I have a great number of questions to make to you, but I understand your busy
activity and I'll wait hopefully for your next reports.

Love and Light... and Bravery for the true coming up at last, if possible.


Subject: Good Luck
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 16:05:15 -0700

We were given the url of your exceptional Web Site by one of our
list members on our small list ancientmysteries [].
Good luck on your quest. We will be keeping track of your adventures and your
information as you make it available.

Regards, Jane

Subject: Thanks and a comment
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 16:22:26 -0400

Dear Larry,
Many thanks for the effort that you put into your web page. Your Web Page
design is both innovative and interesting. I keep your site in my "current
events" file and look for updates frequently. I am trying to keep an
open mind about the information that you provide since it is so different
from the usual "orthodox" view of things.

I have a comment about the Web Page format. Like many people, I often print
out the page(s) for "off-line perusal" and reference. I recently printed
out the 40 page "Hall of Osiris". I have two comments that I hope will help
"tune up" the Web Page design.

The page had a gray background. Although they often look great on the
display - backgrounds often interfere with the usefulness of the
information when it is displayed or printed for several reasons as follows:

1) The art of display and printing has evolved to provide black
text on white background because this provides the maximum viewing
contrast resulting in maximum readability and intelligibility. The use of
black on gray is suboptimum resulting in somewhat less readability which
can unfavorably effect the readers acceptance. This is not usually a
concern for the younger set ( particularly the 19 year old geeks that
seem to develop so many Web Pages) but it can be a nuisance for half the
population ( middle aged such as myself) who suffer from some degree of
presbiopia. In addition, you might be surprised to learn how poorly some
people tend to set up their displays and printers yielding even further
loss in intelligibility.

2) Black on gray pages take much longer to print. More importantly
to me, they eat black ink at a terrific rate. The ink cartridges are fairly
expensive, so I avoid printing this type of page at home. The absolute
worst is white text on black background.

There are various settings on both printers and Web Browsers that
allow users to adjust printing to gray scale backgrounds. They are a
nuisance to switch and they do not always work . Sometimes the entire text
is lost. Most people are not willing to change settings to suit each
Web Page nor do most people know how to do it in the first place.

For these reasons, if you are interested in providing the maximum number of
readers with the maximum amount of information, I recommend that you format
your text as dark text on light backgrounds. I do like your method of
separating different "stories" using color and I appreciate the graphics.
Print out some of your pages to see what I mean.

Please except this as a positive suggestion.

Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 11:55:45 -0700

Dear Larry,
Ha, Ha, puttin' it all on the line..layin' it all out there, tellin'
like it is. Great start for me to get re-accquainted with what's goin'
on. Especially enjoyed the last part where you arrived in Giza and your
adventures with the pyramids. I felt like I was there with you. The
narrative is very good. Messiah has more meanings than only Christ you
know. Deliverer, who knows what it
means in your case.
Page 2 of part 2, etc. isn't loaded yet right? Or anyway at the bottom
of your new stuff where it lists up to page 15, I tried to continue but
it woudn't let me. Great picture of you and your cat & stars. It works!
Can't wait for more!

Subject: request to be added to your Emailing list
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 02:15:57 EDT

Dear Larry
My name is Mark. I live in La Verne, S.CA.
I met you at Melinda's lecture in Orange County at the Learning Light
foundation a couple of years ago. (How time flies!)
I am planning a trip to Giza later this year.
I attended Erich von Daniken's lecture at Orange County MUFON this past week
where he talked about the Gatenbrink door and how hawas is evidently
stonewalling any further investigation.
I was searching on the web and found your website, which I am still exploring!
Would you be kind enough to put me on your Email address update mailing list?
I woiuld appreciate any info.


Subject: Good job!!!
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 18:34:58 -0400 (EDT

Hi Lar,

I see your Osiris Addition is up and running on your site. It
looks good!!! Its obvious by reading it that you put a hell of alot of
work into it. Good job buddy.

Although I think your page is wonderful, I have different opinions
concerning Osiris. In my humble opinion, I dont think Osiris was a real
figure. I feel the same way about Jesus Christ. I think they were both
mythological stories that express hidden meaning.

I believe that the anceint mystics who wrote these myths and our
Holy books expressed pure allegory to represent a deep spiritual
underlying scientific principle. The tear drop of Horus is a perfect
example. There is a place in the human brain that looks much like the
eye of Horus. It is called the Hippocampus part of the brain. Just
think what city horus comes from. See the similarities? The tear drop
is the chemicals that get activated from the pineal during meditation.
The word OS IRIS-comes from the word IRIS which is a part of the eye
that fillters out light.

I dont refute the fact that a body was found in the Great Pyramid,
but i dont feel it was Osiris.


Subject: [] Larry Hunter
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 17:55:08 +0300

Just noticed a new page on Hunter's site. Lost of new rumors about
me! Last rumor on the Giza list was that I was given the keys to
the gate of the great pyramid, along with Robert Bauval. Cool.... I
can go in and out when I please? Wow.

Some new rumors here:


Subject: matters
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 23:51:18 +0200

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Data: sabato 22 maggio 1999 23.46
Oggetto: matters

Dear Larry,

I don't want to bore you writing all my ideas about Old Egyptian matters; so waiting hopefully in your next sending of useful informations about Pyramids, Osiris and Egypt I propose to you a list of arguments to speak about with me, if you please, considering your busy internet traffic. Choose as well one of these matters and I'll be glad of speaking with you about them.

The arguments I wish to speak about with you are as follow:

A) Doubts about some details of the "Orion belt" theory of Bauval.
B) The importance of Djed tower in pre-dinastic and early dinastic periods.
C) The importance of Thoth for Journey inside the chronological time, maybe in spiritual form.
D) The difficulties in realization of "Hermes Operation" by Appleby.
E) The importance of Crystal Chamber in the Great Pyramid along with all the Crystals in early Egypt.
F) The pictures of stars and constellations on the ceiling of priest Senenmut tomb.
G) Listening your opinion about details of the "Kla-La" file which I send to you.
H) Listening your opinion about the "Ritual of the Portal for planetary ascension" that I too send to you.
I) References of Classic Greek Authors: Herodotus, Plutarchus, Diodorus Siculo about details on Pyramids and Old Egypt.

A lot of thanks. Love and Light by me


Subject: Yarn or Yawn?
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 22:32:09 EDT

Yarn or Yawn?

The Granddaddy of Giza conspiracy yarns, Larry Hunter, has recently updated
his website. Although difficult to ascertain which pages have been updated,
it would appear that "The Hall of Osiris" page two is the one in question.
Long on theology and myth, the update, like the rest of the site, is short on
facts but big on paranoia.

Hunter asks: "Do they have some secret plan to kill me? Someone has already
tried and the attempt on my life was foiled years ago in the airport in
Frankfurt Germany. Why would they want me dead?"

A difficult question indeed, but perhaps one better answered at Cairo
airport, than transiting through the pyramidal wastelands of northern Europe.
Unsurprisingly enough Zahi Hawass gets it in the neck again and so does
Farouk Hosney along with a few prominent Giza researchers. A yarn is one
thing but it would seem the planned length of this story will eventually
stretch to 15 pages - turning a yarn into a yawn.

One statement that caught our eye referred to Dr. Mohamed Bakr's 'Ba' being
unaware of his 'Ka' taking a permanent holiday, a state of affairs his
'mummy' wouldn't be very happy about:

"DR. Bakr died soon after making this statement and his firing by the

Oddly enough Dr. Bakr's 'Ba' was quite happily living with his 'Ka' in Jeddah
having relocated to a teaching post in Saudi Arabia, albeit somewhat
reluctantly we understand.


A rough draft of page 2, The "Hall of Osiris" story, was posted for editing purposes on 21 May 1999  to my web site.  We sent out an "Osiris Gram"  Vol. 1 number 5 May 30, 1999 notifying everyone of the update.  The above comments are from readers sharing their thoughts posted by Date and time.