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Hall of Osiris:

Page 2-Part One


Every journey has to have a starting point so we're going to go back in time; to the time of Osiris.  Who was he?   How long ago in time did  humanity lose all memory of Osiris the person; eventually turning him into a myth, a legend and finally a god?  He is still considered a myth by most scholars and people around the world today.  Is it possible that this Egyptian Deity, Osiris, lived and walked on the face of the Earth?  A myth that is far older than Egypt and the subject of Osiris is preserved in the ancient stone text of the 3rd Dynasty Pharaoh, Unas' pyramid. Think of it this way, Osiris was the first mummy.  A mummy that has never been reported officially to have been found, or has it?  Sources in Egypt have told me that they have seen the body of Osiris inside the Great Pyramid. 

What evidence has humanity overlooked or found and misinterpreted that would validate his existence?  Is it possible we have to look millions of years back in time when Osiris walked on the Earth especially if we consider evidence such as petrified trees lying out in the desert around the pyramids and the sea urchins that once grew on the blocks of these monuments and are now crystallized?  What really lies below the sands of Egypt?  I have seen glimpses of this ancient city protruding from the sand mounds mathematically placed around the pyramids of Egypt. And I have heard a lot of stories from the local people that live at the pyramids describing the tunnels that run under this eternal city.  A new fresh mixture of many disciplines to redress an ancient secret may possibly lead us to the full truth regarding this holy place.

Is the Great Pyramid Osiris' fortress, as the ancient stone text say?   What answers can we find in the many myth's written of Osiris that can help us see a real person and what the world was like in his time?  What scientific formulas are encoded in the myth?  What will the ancient buildings tell us of their builder?  We must remember this time was so long ago that it was before Egyptian history, as we know it today, a pre-Pharaonic time.  A time when man fraternized with the gods. 

I knew a lot about the "Great Pyramid"; its' geometry and its utilitarian purpose because I was focused on the scientific aspects of it, as it related to the collection of electromagnetic energy, for most of my 20 years of research.  I really knew nothing about Osiris or his myths.  Lately I have been studying the subject of Osiris to help me write this chapter.  I will be incorporating the understanding of what I have been reading with what is reported to be secretly going on regarding the pyramids in Egypt today as well as current events.  I hope you can stay with the jumps in time from the past to the present and back to the past as I attempt to explain the relationships between then and now.  

In The Book of Enoch translated by Richard Laurence in 1883, it is stated that the angels that were assigned regents over the earth came down to earth and had sex with the daughters of man, creating a race of giants that were later destroyed by the floods in Noahs' time.  For those of you looking for a good book that sheds light on the time before Noah; this is an excellent treasure to read, I highly recommend it.  The Egypt we know today has a much older history than the average person is aware of.  The physical evidence it still there that reveals her real age, but Orthodox Egyptology refuses to acknowledge it.  The Patriarch Abraham visited Egypt with his wife Sarah and met with a giant that ruled Egypt, this same Pharaoh gave them the handmaiden Hagar, who bore the first son of  Abraham, the father of Arabic nation.  Hagar taught her son how to read and write in the Arabic language.    Abraham was the first to get a call from God, since the day of Noah, to do his bidding.  How many years really passed from these two events?  Did we over look an important archeological discovery of Abraham?  He, from Palestine, went to Mecca and discovered the foundation stones that the Kaba stands on today.  In Abraham's day, this location was an ancient ruin.

Another good book that I am also reading is the "The Golden Baugh" by   Sir James G. Frazer written in 1941.  In this book I found an amazing amount of information about the use and development of magic customs, social practices and religion among primitive men and women.  This book contains some of the principals of primitive magic; social taboos; myths and folklore found around the world.  I thought it would be a good idea to share some of this information with you to give you a brief understanding of how the primitive people of earlier times worshipped their gods and in particular, information regarding Osiris.  The most popular of all Egyptian deities and the focus of this chapter.

Lastly I read "The Egyptian Book Of The Dead" the book of going forth by day, a translation of the ancient Papyrus of ANI which reflects the most complete and ornate example of ancient Egyptian philosophical, religious, and spiritual thought yet discovered that artistically renders the mysteries of life and death.  With these books as references I feel I know a little more about the subject Osiris now as I start to write this chapter.

In Egypt the god whose death and resurrection were annually celebrated with alternate sorrow and joy was Osiris, the most popular of all Egyptian deities; he was the personification of the great yearly vicissitudes of nature, especially of the corn.  One of the first stories of Osiris is mentioned by Plutarch, whose narrative has been confirmed and to some extent amplified in modern times by supporting evidence found on and in newly excavated monuments such as,  The pyramid of Unas, third dynasty and located in Saqqara, provides us with texts rendered in stone that reveal the funerary journey of Osiris the man, not myth.  I will refer to this text later which are much more accurate than the myths and stories that have been spread around the world about Osiris.  But lets look at the myth's first.

What makes it all sound like a myth is the way that history preserved his name and described his beginning and attributes.  Thusly, Osiris was said to be the offspring of an intrigue between the earth-god Seb (Keb or Geb, as the name is sometimes transliterated) and the sky goddess Nut.  As the legend went, the sun-god Ra thought that his wife Nut had been unfaithful to him, and declared with a curse that she should be delivered of the child in no month and no year.  Nut had another lover, the god Thoth and he came up with a plan that by accumulating the difference between Solar and Lunar days, a seventy-second part of every day, and having compounded five whole days out of these parts he added them to the Egyptian year of three hundred and sixty days.  This is the mythical origin of the five supplementary days which the Egyptians annually inserted at the end of every year in order to establish a harmony between lunar and solar time.  Myth and science seem to be one and the same.  No one could remember the science of why they were adding 5 days to a 360 day year; so, did they justify adding the days to their calendar because of a myth?   

Notice how in a myth, high science is preserved, Circle of 360 degrees plus 5 gives us the number of days it takes the earth to travel around the sun, a solar year. An Egyptian year 360 days + 5 supplemental days = 365 days, remember the 5 days were outside the year of 12 months, 30 day months, of reckoning time that was in place in Egypt before Osiris.   This is similar to the science and myth regarding  Enoch, who lived 365 years and never died, because God took him.  The Great Pyramid is called by some, "The House of Enoch".  Both Enoch and Osiris preserve in Myth the most important knowledge man could posses.  The gift of reckoning time.  Could it be that primitive Egypt was just scratching the surface of the ruins of a race that built the structures they were encroaching upon?  In the greatest sense, the first Egyptians were rediscovering and reliving the life rendered on the walls of the buried stone cities they were unearthing.  The roots of the Egyptian Myths are the blue prints of the architects grand layout of something so incredible that it's hard to explain.

The moons' orbit is about 50 minutes short of a solar day.  Fifty times 144 days gives us 7,200 minutes.  Divide that by 60 minutes and we get 120 hours.  Divide 120 hours by 24 and we get 5 whole days.  One hundred forty four days were necessary to accumulate the 5 whole supplemental days of time necessary for Thoths' plan.  Every 28.8 days the accumulated difference between the sun and the moon was 24 hours.  Thus we have the harmony between lunar and solar time or one lunar orbit of 28.8 days around the earth and 365 days for one orbit of the earth around the sun.

Today the Jewish and the Muslim religions use lunar years to reckon with, and pretty much the rest of the world uses the 365 day solar year.  So the Jewish and Muslim religious holidays are constantly shifting back.  Ever wonder why Ramadan in the Muslim religion slips back each year falling on a different day and month as each year goes by?  This is the reason why.

Osiris accordingly was the first child born during the first of these five supplemental days that were regarded as outside the year of twelve months of 30 day duration; the curse of the sun-god was overcome as the birth of Osiris fulfilled the conditions spelled out in his curse that Nut should be delivered of the child in no month and no year.  It is said that at his nativity a voice rang out proclaiming that the Lord of All had come into the world, and the announcement was made with a shout that a great king, the beneficent Osiris, was born.  Osiris was not the only child born to his mother, on the second day of the supplementary days she gave birth to the elder Horus, on the third to the god Set, on the forth to the goddess Isis, and on the fifth to the Goddess Nephthys.   Five brothers and sisters born during the month with no name and no year in accordance with the curse.  Afterwards Set married his sister Nephthys and Osiris married his sister Isis.

There are many myths associated with Osiris around the world.  A story brought forward by the Greek regarding his demise tells us that one of Osiris's two brothers, Set with seventy-two others plotted against him.  Measuring the body of Osiris without his knowledge, Set fashioned and highly decorated  a coffer of the same size, and once when they were all drinking and making merry he brought in the coffer and jestingly promised to give it to the one whom it should fit exactly.  The last one to try, Osiris stepped into it and lay down.  On that the conspirators ran and slammed the lid down on him, nailed it fast, soldered it with molten lead, and flung the coffer into the Nile.  This happened on the seventeenth day of the month of Athyr, when the sun is in the sign of the Scorpion, and in the twenty-eighth year of the reign or the life of Osiris.  What science is hidden here in this myth? 

I will also be interjecting questions about this myth and our understanding of what is going on today.  What plans and how many people are Dr. Hawass and the Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosney, utilizing to hide the real truth about Osiris?  In June 1998,  I was told that the Minister said to one of my sources, as he was being tortured with electric shock and beaten with a stick with Hawass and Farouk Hosney both present, that the Minister of Culture was personally was going to bury me 7km down under the ground and that no one would ever find me again. 

Am I in danger or what?  Similarly it may be parenthetically pertinent to recall Robert Bauval's account broadcast on an "Art Bell Radio Show" where he voiced his concern that Dr. Hawass had threatened him with bodily harm; something about Hawass choking him and throwing  him in a ditch.  Did this cabinet member of the President of Egypt slip and give us a glimpse of the city seven kilometers below the plateau? 

Do they have some secret plan to kill me?  Someone has already tried and the attempt on my life was foiled years ago in the airport in Frankfurt Germany.  Why would they want me dead?  Who am I to them that they should even want me dead?  Could it be that what I know is the truth and they are afraid of getting caught for stealing from these holy places when these rooms are finally opened to the public?  Especially when the original photographs taken years ago are produced, showing what the DR's of Egyptology originally found and photographed: the rooms, contents and body of Osiris, that I am revealing in these stories, should be the same.   Will all the objects photographed still be there in situ?  Will we still find the body of Osiris in its' resting place?  Or will they bury me and the truth?

There is reported evidence of a new break-in to the inner sanctum of the "Great Pyramid" from it's east side down near the wall separating the monuments from the village of Nazlet El Samman.   Violating the work of Seleem Hassan of years ago; the robbers reportedly broke the stones sealing an entrance that led to three rooms and two tombs with lots of skeletons all without their heads.  The middle room is described as having a hole in the center of the floor going down to a long passage way that leads to the "GP".  This hole was also described to me by a different Egyptian over a year ago as going to the "Hall of Osiris"/"Big Room" inside the "Great Pyramid", only then it didn't  have any metal grate with locks and stamped seals covering it.  Sometime in April of this year I was told that these security measures of locks, grate and seals were in place.  Was the timing of the placement of these security measures done after Mark Lehner was caught working there and during a period of time the village was fighting for its' survival?  DR Hawass's development plan calls for the villages destruction.

My sources told me last year that the original break-in was a 50/50 robbery deal with Hawass.   My source described the people to me that broke in and how they were able to stay for 17 days, eating, changing clothes and sleeping inside because they didn't want to be seen going in and out, which lowered the odds of their getting caught in their illegal activity.  Dr. Schore, was reported to have been seen by the people living close to this area,  working on a film they say.  He was filming the Pharaonic buildings near the place the reported robbery was going on.  The same mud ruins Dr. Hawass wants to remove for his road from the Mena House Hotel to the Sphinx.  Why does he want to tear down these ancient ruins to build a road?   Didn't he stop a road south of the pyramids years ago from being completed because the road, he claimed went over antiques.  I am a little confused here, am I missing something?

Again, I was told that the entrance in the floor of the middle room was sealed with a new iron grate and secured by 4 huge locks that are covered with plastic bags and then the bags sealed with a wax stamp seal after Mark Lehner was found working there.  Hawass was reported to be in big trouble over this.   Will this investigation ever make it to the light of day, and will the world ever know the real truths of what is happening to humanities best kept treasures?  Dare I mention the six names of the foreigners involved in this crime?  Let's just say that the group was comprised of  4 men and two women, one of the women lives in San Diego, CA.  I was also informed, these personal foreign friends of Dr Hawass were accompanied by two Egyptian antiquity workers from Luxor Egypt.  What a powerful cast of characters.

On May 11, 1999 I got word that the above hole in the middle room of "Khufu's entrance into the Hall of Initiation" has been cemented over now.  Further, this location is about 50 feet west of the Pharaonic buildings made out of mud and still holding the original plaster and paintings on the walls.  Again this is in an area of the village east of  the "GP" that Dr. Hawass wants to tear down for a road.  He will be erasing and removing the evidence of the buildings of the same Pharaonic Egyptians, who he claims built the pyramids.  Why all the bodies without their heads?  Did "they", in Pharaonic times, want to make sure that no one talked who knew this secret entrance?

Back to the myth's.  Isis, sister and wife of Osiris, seeking the body, was given advice from the god of wisdom and took refuge in the papyrus swamps of the Delta.  Afterwards Isis herself gave birth to a son in the swamps.  This is north of the Great Pyramid today.  She had conceived him while she fluttered in the form of a hawk over the corpse of her dead husband.  The infant was the younger Horus, as Osiris' first brother was named Horus as well.  The young Horus in his youth bore the name of Harpocrates, that is, the child Horus. 

Meanwhile the coffer containing the body of Osiris floated down the river and away out to sea while Isis tried to protect the young boy from his wicked uncle Set.  Isis while visiting the hiding place of her young son, found him stretched lifeless and rigid on the ground: a scorpion had stung him.  Isis after praying to the sun-god Ra for help, Ra sent Thoth to teach Isis the spell by which she could remove the poison of the scorpion from her lifeless son and let air pass into him and he lived.  The body of Osiris finally drifted ashore at Byblus, on the coast of Syria as this myth goes.

In Byblus where the coffer containing the body of Osiris drifted ashore, a fine erica-tree shot up suddenly and enclosed the chest in its trunk.  The king of the country, admiring the growth of the tree, had it cut down and made into a pillar of his house; but did not know that the coffer with the dead Osiris was in it.  Isis journeyed to Byblus and after a while revealed herself to the king and queen and begged for the pillar of the roof, and they gave it to her.  She cut the coffer out of the tree trunk, then she wrapped the trunk of the tree in fine linen, and poured ointment on it, and gave it to the king and queen, and the wood stands in a temple of Isis and is worshipped by the people of Byblus to this day.  Does this story sound similar to the tree of Mary, Jesus' mother, in Egypt's  EL Montareyiya area near old Heliopolis?

Isis put the coffer in a boat and sailed away, opening the chest she lay her face on the face of her brother kissed him and wept.  Isis then hid the coffer and went to see her son Horus and Set found the coffer as he was hunting a bore one night by the light of a full moon.  Knowing the body, he rent it into fourteen pieces, and scattered them abroad. 

Myths merge and diverge here regarding the fourteen parts of the body of Osiris.   Some say that Isis buried each limb as she found it, but others will have it that she buried an image of him in every city, pretending it was his body, in order that Osiris might be worshipped in many places and that if Seth searched for the real grave he might not be able to find it.  Could the body of Osiris be in the Great Pyramid?  However most myths say, the genital member of Osiris had been eaten by the fish, so Isis made an image of it instead, and the image is used by the Egyptians at their festivals to this day.  Could the Great Pyramid be his fortress?

Diodorus Siculus, the historian, wrote "Isis recovered all the parts of the body except the genitals; and because she wished that her husbands grave should be unknown and honored by all who dwell in the land of Egypt, she resorted to the following device.  She molded human images out of wax and spices, corresponding to the stature of Osiris, round each one of the parts of his body.   Then she called in the priests according to their families and took an oath of them all that they would reveal to no man the trust she was about to repose in them.  So to each of them privately she said that to them alone she entrusted the burial of the body, and reminding them of the benefits they had received she exhorted them to bury the body in their own land and to honor Osiris as a god.  She also besought them to dedicate one of the animals of their country, whichever they chose, and to honor it in life as they had formerly honored Osiris, and when it died to grant it obsequies like his.  Because she would encourage the priests in their own interest to bestow the aforesaid honors, she gave them a third part of the land to be used by them in the service and worship of the gods.  Accordingly it is said that the priests, mindful of the benefits of Osiris, desirous of gratifying the queen, and moved by the prospect of grain, carried out all the injunctions of Isis.  Where for to this day each of the priests imagines that Osiris is buried in his country, and they honor the beasts that were consecrated in the beginning, and when the animals die the priests renew at their burial the mourning for Osiris.  But the sacred bulls, the one called Apis and the other Mnevis, were dedicated to Osiris, and it was ordained that they should be worshipped as gods in common by all the Egyptians, since these animals above all others had helped the discoverers of corn in sowing the seed and procuring the universal benefits of agriculture".

Today if you look around the world and view how different cultures view the Orion Constellation mythologically you will find it represented as an alligator, a turtle, etc... much like the celestial picture drawing of Osiris superimposed over the Orion Constellation except we see different animals described in the myth implications;  Isis was reported to have sent copies of the body of Osiris to different countries and told them that they were burying the body of Osiris and for them to choose a beast that was consecrated in the beginning, when it died, renew at its burial the mourning of Osiris and this appears to be the reason for the different animals used to describe the Orion Constellation found around the world. 

According to native Egyptian accounts, which supplement that of Plutarch, when Isis had found the corpse of her husband Osiris, she and her sister Nephthys sat down beside it and uttered a lament which in after ages became the type of all Egyptian lamentations for the dead. Could the term, after ages, mean from the First Dynasty onward?  From the stone text to the coffin text and then to the Book of the Dead the burial ceremonies were developed and refined.  How old are these stories really?  What message and what wisdom is present here that Orthodox Egyptology is missing or ignoring?

The loving lamentations of the two sad sisters were not in vain.  In pity hearing their sorrow the sun-god Ra send down from heaven the jackal-headed god Anubis, who, with the aid of Isis and Nephthys, Thoth and Horus, pieced together the broken body of the murdered Osiris, swathed it in linen bandages, and observed all the other rites which the Egyptians were wont to perform over the bodies of the departed.  Could this ceremony have occurred in the city where the emerald tablets resided as well the flint box, the city of "ON" or did it occur in Letoporus as called by the Greek?  Then Isis fanned the cold clay with her wings:  Osiris revived, and thenceforth reigned as king over the dead in the other world.  There he bore the titles of Lord of the Underworld, Lord of Eternity and Ruler of the Dead.  There, too, in the great Hall of the Two Truths, assisted by forty two assessors, one from each of the principal districts of Egypt, Osiris presided as judge at the trial of the soul of the departed, who made their solemn confession before him, and, their heart having been weighed in the balance of justice, received the reward of virtue in a life eternal or the appropriate punishment of their sins.  Could these myths be the origins of modern day religions?

An awesome event in our pre history occurred here, by the resurrection of Osiris the Egyptians saw the pledge of a life everlasting for themselves beyond the grave. Remember Osiris is the first mummy.  From this event they believed than every man would live eternally in the other world if only his surviving friends did for his body what the gods had done for the body of Osiris.  Hence the ceremonies observed by the Egyptians over the human dead were an exact copy of those which Anubis, Horus, and the rest had performed over the dead Osiris in ancient times.  Modern Egyptians were just re-enacting the ceremony performed on Osiris.  Is there a doorway, gateway or means for the soul to travel in both directions, from material to spiritual and back?  Was Osiris the first to utilize this technology?  Who else in history has possibly used this facility?  How many have tried to find out how it works?  Is this part of today's big secret everyone is seeking access to?  Questions that need to be answered.

A burial of divine mystery of old was performed on the body of Osiris by his son, sisters, and friends; Anubis, Horus, all the gods of the Osirian legend gathered around his mangled remains and succeeded by their spells and manipulations in converting his broken body into the first mummy, afterwards the mummy was reanimated and furnished with the means of entering on to a new individual life beyond the grave. Think about this, before Osiris there were no such things as mummy's.  He was the prototype.   After Osiris, we have many mummies.  Did this divine mystery of old provide a means of allowing the soul or BA of Osiris to enter a new life beyond the grave by  providing a gate way to the star Alnitak, in the constellation that today bears his name, the Orion Constellation?  Why do we call Osiris Orion as well?  Is it possible that Osiris could return to the physical through this referred to gateway?

Is there a gate way between the two worlds, the world of the living and the world of the souls/spirit in Egypt today?  The Egyptians call this place the "DUAT".  Is the shaft that points up and south out of the "Kings Chamber" in the Great Pyramid, called an air shaft by some, aligned to the star Alnitak?  Clues for those that can see past the sleep of modern understandings relating to the past and ancient structures they know nothing about.  Or, are the people in control of these Holy places not telling us what they have really discovered? 

Did the authors of the "The Orion Mystery" see something secretly and didn't get the details correct in their best selling book?  The effect of such an error has kept their readers from seeing and finding the true locations and evidence of how the real "DUAT" is laid out.   I revealed the errors personally to Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock.  Bauval refused to meet  with me in Cairo and let me be his navigator to correct his errors.  So I took it upon my self to tell the story of the true locations for all the points of the "DUAT", that Bauval says are not there, and present the scientific methodology I used to correctly validate the "Orion Pyramid Theory" that can easily be duplicated by others desiring to check out my work.

I  have corrected the authors errors and utilized the correct scientific methodology which enabled me to validate such a claim and prove the theory scientifically.  I have seen the evidence supporting statements like  "As it is above so it is below" and "As it is in Heaven so it is on Earth" as it related to the Orion Constellation and other groups of stars terrestrially. 

Many moments of self fulfillment and instant gratification for me as I found and documented the matching pieces of the "DUAT" during my sojourns into the land of Egypt.  One day I hope to share with you the many private thinking moments I had while making these discoveries.  The shear magnitude of such a scientifically laid out and built device impressed me immensely!  The locations I went to mirror my blue print of the stars and terrestrial counter parts exactly and by this effort I validated the story of Osiris rendered in the stone glyphs of the pyramid text of Unas. 

Did Bauval and Gilbert validate their theory scientifically?  No!  Is Bauval and Gilbert going to say I stole their idea?  They can't prove their theory the way they have written it.  I can, and scientifically is the way I validated it.   It is a very simple process, a process that proved they were wrong in the manner they expressed their claims, and I scientifically validated the theory and located what they couldn't.  Ask Gantenbrink about Robert Bauvals' invalidated claims if you don't believe me.  Maybe some of you have read the statement by Bauval and Hancock that was released just after their "Alaska Cruise" in May of last year concerning me and their change of heart towards Dr. Hawass.  Could this be part of the reason Bauval and company came out swinging their slander at me?  Am I the only one left standing that is expressing concern about the safety of the monuments in the questionable hands of Dr. Hawass after this "Alaskan Curse", as I jokingly call it?  But all this is new history. 

Now back to the old history,  Pyramid text of Unas.  A pre-Pharaonic description of the funerary procession of the body of Osiris was recorded in stone inside the pyramid of Unas, third dynasty located in Saqqara, Egypt.   On the walls are texts embedded in stone which reveal the funerary journey of Osiris.  From these text we find the following: Upon Osiris' death, his body was taken from a city named "On"; which countless eons later became one of  two capitals claimed by Menes - the first Pharaoh to unite both Upper and Lower Egypt, First Dynasty.  The city of "ON" was there in the time of Osiris.  Today it's called Old Heliopolis.  Try and  imagine how this city looked and functioned in the time of Osiris, and then later in the time of Menes and again what we see today.  Even Abu Ruwash, which was the administration center of Menes and Memphis (some call Saqquara today) were already in place in the first dynasty archeologically speaking.  

The myths of Osiris and the Book of the Dead describe the city "On" in the time of Osiris.   I see three distinctly different cities occupying the same locations over a long period of time, one on top of the other.   Is it possible that Menes uncovered part of this ancient city and claimed it as one of his capitals?  The modern city named, El Wayli, by my calculations and on site observations relates to the celestial star Sirius and is actually about 5 kilometers south west of the Obelisk found in Old Heliopolis today and the ruins are still under at least 65 feet of dirt. 

I read that one of the sons of  the fourth dynasty Khufu was given credit for building a pyramid at the same location of the administration center of the first dynasty Menes, Abu Ruwash.  I found it amazing that by following the pyramid text of UNAS in conjunction with the stars of the Orion Constellation I could find the cities that coincided with these very stars precisely.  My process was very scientific in every way as I discovered evidence paralleling and validating the story found in these stone text.  Most of these cities are still buried and unknown to the world today and I have seen pieces of them with my own eyes after finding them with the skills of a first class navigator following the course of an ancient script and directed by the mirror coordinates of the Orion stars as well as others like Sirius and Lepus.  

Geoastroarcheology at work. Two things were always common at each location associated with each star I researched, the ancient rock with coin and the Pharaonic mud with the white plaster.  One strata demonstrates a common technology in use over a very wide area that could not be duplicated by the builders that added on top of it, the Pharaonic mud of modern Egyptians, first dynasty.  What happened to Menes city of Memphis with all its white walls?  Could they have crumbled back to the mud dust from which they came?  Still covering the original cities they were built on top of and still waiting for us to rediscover.  The evidence is there, but the current Orthodox Egyptological interpretation of how it got there seems to be incorrect.  Seems like a pretty easy adjustment for me to make when trying to find the truth of who built the first city with a special rock called "The Rock With Coin", and who built the second one out of mud on top of the older one? 

There is a definite different between the two and the second seems to have claimed most of the culture of the civilization they were unearthing including its' religion relating to life and death.   Somehow I can't buy the story that every time I see mud construction I have to say its "Roman Mud".  Didn't the Egyptians teach the Romans how to build with bricks?  I really think that the majority of mud brick construction around the "GP" plateau was done by the Egyptians.

A couple of questions come to my mind here, either the stone text inside the Pyramid of Unas are talking about a time long before Unas relating to Osiris' death, or the stone text are older than Unas; meaning the third dynasty Unas didn't build this pyramid.   It's highly possible the stone text and pyramid were already there and Pharaoh Unas was studying them as we do today.  I will elaborate on this more later.   

The sacred text continues - the body of Osiris was taken across a body of water, which was the Nile, to a place called Khem.  Long before Egypt got its modern name it had an older name, "KMET" and some sight even older names for Egypt.  Khem was a city called Letopolis by the Greek, and today it is the city named Ausim and a Mosque sits directly on top of the spot where the body of Osiris lay for 70 days and a star in the Lepus Constellation plots to.  This location is exactly North of the "Great Pyramid", a distance of 14.75 km.  I call it the city of lightning of every kind because of something I read in "The Book Of Enoch".  According to the locals today there is a sacred mound here that the Mosque was built on top of.  And to visit this Mosque today one has to get permission from the Egyptian Antiquities Authorities, why?    Rumor has it;  this is where a meteor hit and the whole DUAT was laid out based on this location.  Its also called the city of Horus where the open mouth ceremonies were performed.

"The Mosque Big" 14.75 km north of the Great Pyramid, sits in a mathematically correct spot for receiving light transmitted from the "GP"   and from there re-directed the energy almost due east, like we do microwaves today, to the city of "On".  By using this understanding one might find the distribution center of the light that was collected daily by the Great Pyramid and beamed to the city "ON" for distribution around the world.  Considering the speed of light which is approximately 186,000 miles a second, would mean that light could travel seven and a half times around the earth each second.  Some pretty advanced physics in light control and energy collection and distribution systems are still lying there waiting for us to rediscover.

"ON" was the city that Osiris resided in, possibly even the capitol; his wife and sister Isis is said to have a temple here where the Emerald Tablets and flint box are kept.  A secret location that was kept even from Khufu who was hunting for the emerald tablets and flint box like any good archeologist on a quest for the holy grail.   Osiris' temple and others are also located here according to the "Book Of The Dead".  I have taken several people to this location and most recently I took Amargi in March of 1998 by using a hand held GPS device to direct us to the coordinates given for the star Sirius' terrestrial counterpart, the city of "ON"; which is still buried under at least 65 feet of mud silt from the Nile overflowing for many years. 

More details about what is going on in these areas later and who is behind the activity.  I am putting these statements in about telling you later, more to remind myself of the many details that I still have to reveal, and stop myself from interjecting to much data as I go.  It is not easy to tell this story in one sitting because it encompasses about 20 years of research and 23 trips to Egypt.  Please allow me the latitude (Room) I need as I continue.   

Taking the body after waiting 70 days, they journeyed straight south, 180 degrees true, following the road of Rostau into the center of the DUAT - the gateway between the upper and lower world.  From here, the text say; they entered Osiris' fortress and taking the body down and through a gateway, his BA or soul went to the star Alnitak in the Orion Constellation where it would traverse the sky forever, as the god of Orion. 

The story that Osiris' body was taken into his fortress and his soul or BA went on to become Orion is written in stone. With this in mind, I tend to believe my friends in the village of the pyramids when they tell me,  they have seen the body of Osiris inside the Great Pyramid. 

It was at this juncture that I wanted to write a story about the possibility of the body of Osiris being in the Great Pyramid; not from what the people were telling me but from the evidence of the text of Unas.   I figured, knowing that the body was reported to be there as claimed by the village that it would be safe to make the claim that the body of Osiris should be found inside the "GP" as claimed by the text of Unas and leave the village account out of it to protect the people that had revealed their secrets to me and because of what I had learned from my own study and research, I figured I could get the same result. 

Similar to Schliemann I was seeing a modern culture on top of an original and much older culture and I wanted to present my discoveries by merging the myth and new insight into a new level of awareness.  But the best laid plans of mice and men have this story in front of you as I am presenting it now.  All my writers were spooked in some way by the duality of their understanding of what I wanted to do, that being, write with the conviction that the body should be there without telling the reader that we had eye witnesses that had seen it and most of all don't mention that the body was reported to look like me.

So I am now writing the story myself and revealing everything I know to help you see the truth.  Everyone I asked to help me on this story knows what the village told them regarding the body of Osiris.  That being, the sleeping body of Osiris they saw looked just like me.  Well that bothered my friends, especially if I wanted to talk about it.  I felt like I had the plague or something.   Ever felt like you were in the "Twilight Zone"?

Schliemann and Troy!  Troy was a mythical city until Schliemann went out and found it buried under the newer cities that had been built on top of it.  Myth also has merit?  If it is confirmed that there was indeed a person named Osiris, then we should find his body inside a mislabeled 4th dynasty Pharaonic Pyramid complex.  Maybe Khufu didn't build the Great Pyramid after all.  If I remember correctly, Schliemann found Troy buried under several newer cities. 

Now considering we are taught in orthodox teachings that Osiris was a mythical god, I ask you to consider the possibility, backed up by my research and evidence, that he may indeed have been an actual person.  Further, based upon my years of research and evidence again; I feel that the Great Pyramid is the fortress, referred to in the pyramid text of the 3rd dynasty Unas, of Osiris.  There is a  lot of evidence indicating  "Khufu" didn't build the Great Pyramid but most just ignore these facts because they conflict with today's scholarly non-truth claim of who, they say, built the "GP".  Relevant information just swept under the rug.

Technically, the body should still be in Osiris' fortress according to these pyramid text written in stone.  Again, I was told by people in the village of Nazlet El Samman, after years of gaining their trust, that they have actually seen the body of Osiris in the Great Pyramid,  however I have never seen it.  Later, reports came to me that the body of Osiris and all the contents of the room were removed by today's current Antiquities Officials and that Hawass possibly chopped the body up into pieces again.  Could it be possible Hawass was after the red mercury that was put into the mummies?  I hear it cost one million dollars an ounce.  Red mercury is used in secret ceremonies to call spirits/genies to do the bidding of the ones calling them; black magic.  I got a report one time that said one of the children of Hawass said to one of his friends, his father used red mercury and called the gins to do his bidding.  Does Hawass want to lay his hands on the deity, Osiris, and make him do the  bidding of the Magician that was promised by the spells?

In the book "The Golden Baugh" page 53,  I came across an interesting quote that relates to the importance of magic in the east, and especially Egypt.   Professor Maspero remarks that "we ought not to attach to the word magic the degrading idea which it almost inevitably calls up in the mind of a modern.  Ancient magic was the very foundation of religion.  The faithful who desired to obtain some favor from a god had no chance of succeeding except by laying hands on the deity, and this arrest could only be effected by means of a certain number of rites, sacrifices, prayers, and chants, which the god himself had revealed, and which obliged him to do what was demanded of him."  What if the hands that are laid on the physical deity are unclean.  After reading this I started to see over the wall of secrecy surrounding information about the body of Osiris.  Money was one thing, but to force a deity to do the bidding of another, that involved the use of magic, definitely shifted my head to greater reasons behind this wall of secrecy that is keeping us from seeing the truth.

Where is Isis to put Osiris back together again if this is true?  I will go into these revelations later in light of Dr. Hawass' recent claim that he had found the ceremonial tomb of Osiris.  Are Egypt's archeologist salting the evidence to alter histories great truths?    Did Hawass move the body from its true resting place to another location to hide all the truths regarding the true location of where it was found and who really built these ancient monuments?  Is he also stealing and selling the items inside these sacred places?  Reports tell me that he is doing exactly that, and has possibly been caught again.  Again, is it possible that "They" are performing secret ceremonies on the body of Osiris as I write? 

People in Egypt have told me and others traveling with me, years before Hawass's recent revelation about Osiris, that they first saw the body of Osiris about 25 years ago inside the Great Pyramid up near the area of the reported secret tunneling reported by Richard Hoagland and me in June of 1997 on an "Art Bell Radio Show".  As an aside to the reader, I was told years before that my name was written on the eastern wall in the "Hall of Osiris" just above the Ark of the Covenant along with many other names and that mine was at the top of the list.  The names were written twice, once in  hieroglyphics and under repeated again in Arabic.  Different persons that told about the names long before I found out that a body clothed in a robe displaying the cartouch of Osiris looked just like me.  One of my friends who revealed the information about my name to me jokingly calls me the king of the Pyramid.  Things I have heard but not seen drive me even more to find the truth behind such statements.  Independent of each other they would probably sound like a joke being played on a tourist.   But combined and with my own personal experiences and knowing the people that revealed this information, (they weren't joking) they certainly got my attention.

I was instructed to grow my hair long and when it was the correct length I was asked to lay down and pretend I was sleeping for the comparison.  After looking at me in this position with long hair; the person that claimed to see the body of Osiris said, "Yes you look like the body I saw inside the Great Pyramid".  More details about this later when I address the manner in which Daryl Evans  - AKA Amargi,  revealed this to you.  He twisted the words around to make it sound like I was claiming I was Osiris, not true.  The people of the village of the Great Pyramid say this about me and he knows this important fact yet fails to tell you the truth.  I was also told to be quite about these things while I was in Egypt after one of the people that told me about my name on the wall was beaten by police trying to find out what he had told me.  He then told me that when I was in America I could reveal everything I had been told.   Even in America I held back a lot of what your now reading.

How interesting and disturbing for me at the same time, to discover after so many years of knowing about the secret room and what had happened to me while I was under it and now a body wearing a pink robe and displaying the cartouche of Osiris was reportedly found in a state of stasis and photographed inside this great Hall of Osiris inside of the Great Pyramid many years ago and that its face looks just like mine!  This information neutralized me; I needed to study more because I didn't really know that much about Osiris.  What did these two revelations do to me that drove me to learn more about the implications revealed to me?  What does it mean?  Well the cat is out of the bag and I am now sharing my discoveries and experiences with you the reader, so you can contemplate what all this means.

Osiris was always presented as a "mythical body" so no one from the modern world was even looking for him.  Except Dr. Hawass and Me!  Funny when I look back now to July 1997 and see the book of  Schliemann about Troy sitting on Dr. Hawass' desk while I had tea with him and discussed the secret tunneling going on above the "Kings Chamber".  I know how I know what I know, how does Dr. Hawass know so much about Osiris?  Is he stealing the secrets of the all the DR's before him who were sworn to secrecy and knew all about the body of Osiris, the secret room and all the tunnels that connected the pyramid to all the Orion layout cities underground?  Did DR Hawass show us any hieroglyphics that said Osiris in the "Live"  Fox TV Special which aired on the east coast and rebroadcast three hours later to the west coast, as if it were live, on March 2nd 1999?  Did he mention the true discoverer that had done the original excavation of the well shaft on the causeway east of the 2nd pyramid many years ago?  Did he tell you that Mark Lehner was seen in this same location in 1988 on American television? 

Remember, humanity has been taught and maintains that Osiris was just an ancient Egyptian MYTH.  Are "They" trying to alter the truth and steal everything in these sacred places?  Maybe now we can appreciate the words of Egypt's leading Archeologist and the Chairman of Antiquities for all of Egypt, Dr. Bakr, who was reported to have fired Dr. Hawass before he himself was fired by The Minister of Culture - Farouk Hosney, when he stated:  "The Supreme Command of Antiquities had been taken over by the Antiques Mafia".  Dr. Bakr having been quoted in this regard by Graham Hancock during Hancock's 1996 book tour. 

Dr. Bakr died soon after making this statement and his firing by the Minster.  During this time Hawass was rumored to have gotten his old job back at the insistence of the American Embassy; after fleeing Egypt with no passport or visa to avoid the investigation and charges brought against him by Dr. Bakr.  This time frame is also tied to the activities of Gantenbrink trying to reveal a secret room in the bottom of the Great Pyramid as reported by Reuters.  At this juncture in time, the Minister of Culture took on the title of  "Chairman of Antiquities".   Did this cement the complete take over of antiquities referred to by Dr. Bakr before he was fired and died?

I would like to share a little history about secret names before I tell you what happened to me while I was inside the "Great Pyramid" during my first six day visit to Egypt in 1979.   As I said earlier, I have been reading a book, "The Golden Baugh" written by Sir James G. Frazer and in this book chapter 22 section 5 Names of Gods Tabooed;  I found some very interesting insights concerning the need to protect secret names.  Especially in light of what I now know about the possibility and misuse by others of a secret name using black magic.

Just as the savage conceals his real name because he fears that sorcerers might make an evil use of  it, so he fancies that his gods must likewise keep their true name secret, lest other gods or even men should learn the mystic sounds and thus be able to conjure with them.  Nowhere was this crude conception of the secrecy and magical virtue of the divine name more firmly held or more fully developed than in ancient Egypt, where the superstitions of a date less past were embalmed in the hearts of the people hardly less effectually than the bodies of cats and crocodiles and the rest of the divine menagerie in their rock hewn tombs.  In my hour of needing a writer, I reveled secrets to people that I shouldn't have.  Having done it, I am now seeking the remedy for my x writers breech of confidence and false accusations about me..

This conception is well illustrated by a story which tells how the subtle Isis wormed the secret name from Ra, the great Egyptian god of the sun.  The story goes like this;  Isis meditated in her heart, saying, "Cannot I by virtue of the great name of Ra make myself a goddess and reign like him in heaven and earth?"   For Ra had many names, but the great name which gave him all power over gods and men was known to none but himself.  After being bitten by a sacred serpent conjured by Isis in her scheme to get his secret name, Ra was dying,  when the great god had stilled his heart, he cried to his followers, "Come to me, O my children, offspring of my body. I am a prince, the son of a prince, the divine seed of a god.  My father devised my name; my father and my mother gave me my name, and it remained hidden in my body since my birth, that no magician might have magic power over me. Bring me the children of the gods with healing words and understanding lips, whose power reacheth to heaven". 

And Isis came with her craft, whose mouth is full of the breath of life, whose spells chase pain away, whose word maketh the dead to live.  Then spake Isis, "Tell me thy name, divine Father, for the man shall live who is called by his name.   Then answered Ra, "I created the heavens and the earth, I ordered the mountains, I made the great and wide sea, I stretched out the two horizons like a curtain. I am he who openeth his eyes and it is light, and who shutteth them and it is dark. At his command the Nile riseth, but the gods know not his name. I am Khepera in the morning, I am Ra at noon, I am Tum at eve."

But the poison was not taken from him; it pierced deeper, and the great god could no longer walk. Then said Isis to him, "That was not thy name that thou spakest unto me. Oh tell it me, that the poison may depart; for he shall live whose name is named".  Now the poison burned like fire, it was hotter than the flame of fire. The god said, "I consent that Isis shall search into me, and that my name shall pass from my breast into hers".  Then the god hid himself from the gods, and his place in the ship of eternity was empty.  Thus was the name of the great god taken from him, and Isis, the witch, spake, "Flow away, poison, depart from Ra. It is I even I, who overcome the poison and cast it to the earth; for the name of the great god hath been taken away from him.  Let Ra live and let the poison die".  Thus spake great Isis, the queen of the gods, she who knows Ra and his true name. 

From this story it appears that the real name of the god, with which his power was inextricably bound up, was supposed to be lodged, in an almost physical sense, somewhere in his breast, from which Isis extracted it by a sort of surgical operation and transferred it with all its supernatural powers to herself. 

In Egypt, attempts like that of Isis to appropriate the power of a high god by possessing herself of his name were not mere legends told of the mythical beings of a remote past; every Egyptian magician aspired to wield like powers by similar means.  Is Dr. Hawass and friends practicing this form of magic on the deities they are finding today?  For it was believed that he who possessed the true name possessed the very being of god or man, and could force even a deity to obey him as a slave obeys his master. Thus the art of the magician consisted in obtaining from the gods a revelation of their sacred names, and he left no stone unturned to accomplish his end.  Does this sound like the work of Archeology in Egypt today?  I am just beginning to understand what might be going on behind closed doors.

When once a god in a moment of weakness or forgetfulness had imparted to the wizard the wondrous lore, the deity had no choice but to submit humbly to the man or pay the penalty of his contumacy.  Similarly, I revealed to my writers my secret because I felt I couldn't write well.  Telling them the details, I felt I had to reveal everything to them so they wouldn't think I had kept anything from them because of non trust when they found out what I knew all along.  I opened my heart and trusted them and asked them not to reveal my personal secret, I felt they understood why.  Was I wrong in trusting them?

Chapter 4 Pg. 52 Magic and Religion 1st paragraph, states,  "In ancient Egypt, for example, the magicians claimed the power of compelling even the highest gods to do their bidding, and actually threatened them with destruction in case of disobedience. Sometimes, without going quite so far as that, the wizard declared that he would scatter the bones of Osiris or reveal his sacred legend, if the god proved contumacious".  I wonder if Osiris is giving Hawass a hard time and now Hawass wants to reveal his sacred legend and scatter his bones for not cooperating?

I have to ask serious questions of myself here.  Is it possible that the Mer, KA, BA, or soul  of Osiris came into me?  And is he guiding me through this 20 year sojourn I have been on?  I live here in the West and I want to go and walk in Egypt again.  My 20th year reunion, since the first time I went to Egypt, is upon me.  I really want to be there for my 20th summer solstice reunion.  What adventures await me if I arrive in Egypt for the upcoming reunion?  What does God have waiting for me this time?   What does the dark force have planned for me if I go?  Amargi was reported to have filed a police report against me full of half truths and lies.  Will the tourist police arrest me if I go to Egypt, for my 20th year reunion and 24th trip, because of these lies?  Only time will tell.



Hall of Osiris:

-Page 2-Part Two



For close to 20 years now I have kept my personal experience inside the Great Pyramid a secret.  Except for my immediate family and a few close friends and associates, I told no one.  Fearful of what the world would say and do to me if they knew what had just happened to me.  I kept quiet about it, but it was always in my mind.  Not an easy event to just dismiss or ignore.  Before I explain to you what happened to me inside the Great Pyramid I want to make it perfectly clear; I am not claiming to be the Messiah nor am I claiming to be Jesus Christ or Osiris; I am just Larry Dean Hunter and I now want to explain to everyone what happened to me while I was in the bottom of the pyramid a long time ago.  This was a real life-altering experience for me.

I am now revealing what happened to me publicly through my web site because others that I told my experience to, in strict confidence, are trying to break the trust I had with them and distort the details of my experience and discoveries into something they feel could harm me and ruin my credibility in public as a little off in the head or possibly as being a dangerous person. 

"They", by revealing half truths and taking the incident out of context, are not revealing  to their readers the claim I made to them before I revealed the private details of my secrets to them.  I always clarify this point, "Before I tell you what happened to me inside the "GP" I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not claiming that I am the Messiah".  No different than with you here.

Try and relate to the above taboo when comparing my situation of revealing a secret name that was given to me 20 years ago inside the Great Pyramid to Amargi confidentially.  I am sure many of you have seen and read what he has done with the private information and details imparted to him by me.  All the rules of trust and confidentiality have been violated by him.  I thought he was a friend and someone I could trust, but now he wants to do me harm.  I never said he could have my soul!  I will say this, I came to him in trust, allowed him into my home and even sleep on my pillow.  The loss of his friendship was like a grenade going off next to my heart, this man had been given the keys to come and sit with my soul.  My heart survived the blast and so did the God Love that lives there, my soul.  If I can help guide people in their own journey to the truth by sharing my secrets without fear, then I have a stronger heart by the event.  God's way is not easy;  but because of God's Love, peace is now growing stronger inside me.  I will continue to reveal the truths I am sharing so that no one reading or listening gets confused by the mis-quotes of others about what I said or didn't say, regarding my experiences and discoveries in Egypt.     

I have emails written by Amargi indicating the information went to his head and he went off on some kind of personal power trip.  In the email, he stated to his friend, "Wouldn't it be funny if Larry Hunter has to work for me".  I will be posting this conversation and others on the web soon and let you see a side of him that, I'm sure, he doesn't want you to know.  It's really a dark side, almost as dark as the ones he keeps secret company with today.  The double edge sword cuts both ways.

As many of you may know; Amargi made a statement in September of 1998 on the www saying I was claiming to be the Messiah.  Did Hawass encourage him to write such a document for some undisclosed favors?  The statement he made about me claiming to be the Messiah is not true and his retelling you the details of what I said is not correct.  At the time I refused to comment on his statement in public and sent him a cease and desist order not to reveal or disclose the details of my disclosures to him and that there would be no further warnings.   He continues to discuss my disclosures with his seductive errors.

The blatant liar continues to spread his poison words around Cairo about me, like:  I want to kill Hawass - which he takes from a dream I told him about; tells the people I am a Jew because of my grandmothers' family name, my Grandmother was a Protestant by religion with a family name of Corn; "I am the Messiah", out of context; I smoke pot and who knows what else; as he tries to manipulate my Egyptian friends and authorities with his mind seduction techniques and lies. 

My sources in the Tourist Police Station near the "GP" reported that an Amargi Hillier filed a police report with the Tourist Police against me.  I was told that in this report Amargi was stating all kind of accusations about me that I could be arrested for if I came to Egypt.  He wants the police to think I am a crazy mad man that  thinks he is the Messiah, and Osiris and  I want to kill Dr. Hawass. 

Amargi's work is like reading one of Hawass' scripts used to attack me in the Egyptian press for years, only this time the script is being written by a young man; the same man that three months earlier reported he was beaten in the streets of the village of the pyramid reportedly by orders from Hawass; not one month after releasing the original "Hall of Osiris" story one year ago, May 21, 1998. 

Is Amargi a prisoner of war writing what he has been told to say for the privileges and comfort offered by the enemy?   Privileges that allowed him access to all of Egypt's monuments and museums for free.   Looks like Amargi has been rewarded well by Hawass for his betrayal and slanderous attacks on the www of me.  Stealing and lying for Hawass for these privileges, just to be safe?  Does this sound like he has sold his soul; some might say he is just being smart by getting in with the people. The same people who had been reported, by him, to have done him body harm and threatened him with "Tomorrow your Dead"? 

Amargi has been identified as the person stealing a set of audio tapes of an interview regarding the sabotage against the sphinx, between me and a newspaper reporter, from the reporters home.  Amargi gave the stolen taped interview to Dr. Hawass who promptly called the newspaper reporter to discuss his taped interview with me in 1989.  The reporter told me the details of how Hillier had stolen the tapes from his home and that they were now in the hands of Dr. Hawass.  Seems to me like prince Hawass and prince Amargi are teaming up and trying to blackmail, discredit and control me by threatening to physically hurt my sources in Egypt and spreading un-truths about me in an effort to keep me from talking about what I know. 

This same Daryl Evans that continues to sell  mind seduction literature to minors over the web;  reported  to be makes sexual advances to young Muslim girls and gives away sex films to his Muslim brothers, claims to be a Muslim.  He recently sent me an email threatening me if I talked about a certain thing; well, I have, as he put it, been for warned if I do.   He also attacks my facts and my name by trying to make folly of what really happened to me in 1979 and the details of my research.   Amargi, for sure has strayed from the righteous path shown to him and is now a lost soul.  Don't believe him when he tries to seduce you with words of love, trying to make you go to sleep as if nothing is wrong with this picture.  Don't put down your guard or be comforted by  his and Hawass' tactics. Continue to question them and their motives. 

People in the village informed me that when they see Amargi wandering the streets; "Amargi reminds me of a homeless dog running in the streets begging for food and attention from everyone he meets" they say.  The village tells me they don't trust this man.  They tell me that they see Hillier as a street dog that Hawass feeds and protects.   They know the story of the loyal dog to his feeding master.  Personally I think the above is an insult to the dog - mans best friend.  Do you get the picture of many people seeing Amargi as the eyes and ears of his new master?   I am confused when I read Amargi's words about him claiming to be the eyes and ears for his readers.  I wonder what he tells his secret master that he doesn't tell his readers until afterward or at all.

Continuing;  the following was my own personal experience and it should be told by me in the correct context in which it happened.  I have no fear anymore of anyone knowing now what happened to me 20 years ago.  I know it was just an experience that only God knows the meaning of.  Again, I am not claiming "I am the Messiah", but I am the one that can tell the world about what happened to me inside the "GP" many years ago.  The truth has set me free from the will of others trying to make me do their bidding as they have everyone else in their way; by making everyone bow down and submit to the evil that has control of these sacred monuments.

Please read and share my experience with me inside the Great Pyramid in June of 1979.  Long before I discovered the similarities, stated by the people of the village of the pyramid, regarding the body of Osiris and me and long before I ever heard the name Zaki Hawass as he is called by the locals.  This was my first time to Egypt and I didn't know anyone in the village of Nazlet El Samman.  The following is the chronology of events of my first trip to Egypt about 20 years ago.  

June 23, 12:33 PM local time 1979 my fourth day in Egypt  I, Larry Dean Hunter, experienced something so amazing, so incredible - it is hard to put into words.  Napoleon, on his death bed, was asked what his experience inside the "Great Pyramid" was and he responded, "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you".  So he took his secret with him to his grave.  Similarly, I was shifted into a paradigm that I never dreamed possible while inside the Great Pyramid on this day.  Reflecting back after this awakening and what I call the "Opening  Mouth" and "Speaking Incident"; the first thing "I" asked out loud in response to the words that had just came out of my mouth, to what ever presence that had just gone through  me or was still in me moments later in all this darkness, was "Why Me?" 

1979 was reported to be the year of the Great Pyramid.   It was the year Presidents Sadat and Carter normalized relations between Egypt and the United States at Camp David; paving the way for Americans to travel to Egypt safely.  I had such a strong desire to go to Egypt.  I had no job or money.  I was in excellent health, due to a yoga class that I had just finished in College, and I was reading a book by David Davidson and H. R. Altersmith "The Great Pyramid Its' Divine Message"; an excellent book for anyone wanting to study the origins of civilization and the Great Pyramids' geometry.  This book really sparked my scientific interest in the Great Pyramid.  So much so; I wrote a patent utilizing the geometry of the "GP" to control sunlight one year later.

In the month of June 1979, fresh out of college and on a semester break I went to Egypt for the first time and had to cut my visit short to six days because I ran out of money.  I had just turned 29 on May 11th and having overcome all the obstacles to go to Egypt; alone with my backpack, compass, Elgin clocks and a copy of the Davidsons' book I departed Los Angeles International Airport on a TWA flight with a charged airline ticket for Egypt; to arrive just before the summer solstice.  I thought I was going there to study the pyramid as a device to control sunlight and wanted to be standing at the foot of the Great Pyramid before the apparent sunrise on summer solstice.  Boy, was I in for a big surprise.   During this trip, the first of many to Egypt, and unbeknownst to me; I was going to have a date with destiny.  An awakening; sort of like a new birth, a very special trip for me indeed.  

Upon landing in Egypt the afternoon of 20 June 1979 I secured a visa stamp on my passport and exchanged American dollars for Egyptian currency.  After clearing passport control, I waited in the midst of chaos with everyone looking for their luggage and me waiting for my back pack to come around on the conveyor belt; nothing.  Delayed at the airport because of possible lost luggage;  I waited several hours for the next TWA flight to arrive, which was coming in from Rome Italy, hoping my belongings would be on it.  At last!  I see my back pack coming around on the belt but no longer in the neat arrangement it started with.  My sleeping bag was unrolled and trailing the backpack.  My belongings were scattered around the back pack as I took my things from the luggage conveyor.  Upon inspection of items, my Elgin clocks were both broken.  Had time stopped for me?.  Was it an accident, or an omen to me that from this moment on I was on Gods time schedule?  Clearing customs I walked out of the airport into the twilight of an Egyptian sky, a stranger in a strange land with one objective;  get to the Great Pyramid before sunrise the following morning, summer solstice.

I secured a taxi and told him to take me to the Great Pyramid.   He told me it was forbidden to go there in the night and that I had to check into a hotel first and then go in the morning.  Submitting to the situation, I asked him to help me find a hotel close to the pyramid, and he did but half way to the pyramid.  On the east bank of the Nile in a nameless hotel I had to slept my first night in Egypt without even seeing the Great Pyramid.  This was a frustrating situation for me but after a relaxing shower and trying to calm my racing mind down while I lay in bed listening to the sounds and thoughts of Egypt run through my mind, I fell asleep, not even thinking of possible jet lag, because it was about 12pm in the afternoon in California.  My body clock was off by the 10 hour difference between Cairo and Los Angeles.

Early wake up on day two about 4:30 am, still dark and with the moon up for about 50 min and traveling with the planet Mars; I got dressed and rushed down to the lobby of the hotel and secured a taxi and directed him to take me to the pyramids quickly.  Sunrise this morning was calculated to be 5:55 local time,about 55 min to go.  No traffic, streets empty; fast and quiet for the last leg of my 7,600 mile journey to see the Great Pyramid.  First I crossed the Nile and then through Giza Square veering to the left onto pyramid road; a street that was lined with bushes that were cut in the shapes of pyramids, my eyes were hungry to see everything as we whisked by, reminding myself I had to remember how to get back to my hotel where I had left my things.  

At last, my dream was in sight as the silver of the morning was creeping up brighter and brighter; I could see the object of my pursuit in the distance up ahead and to the left:  the eternal rock, the first wonder of the world, an altar to God, the Great Pyramid a processor of Light.  Urging the taxi driver to go faster as I wanted to be on the east side before sunrise.  From this distance the pyramid looked small but as we got closer it seemed to be growing up out of the desert.   My taxi took me past the Mena house hotel and then made a curve to the left and started the climb up the hill to the pyramid.  Time now about 5:40 AM as I  made it to the pyramids before the suns rays kissed their north and east faces.  Thank you God, I thought to myself, as I got out of the taxi; having paid him, I then proceeded to the east side to find a spot to stand and wait for the first rays of the summer solstice sun to officially eclipse the night and bring on this longest day of the year with about 15 minutes to spare. 

The day of the pyramid!  I made it!  I wanted to get into a good position for observing the sunrise on the summer solstice.  The sun was in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy Meridian and at its' northern most assent on the eastern  horizon for the year.  As twilight gave way to the brightness of the refracted sun light; my view of the stars and planets was diminished as their light was overpowered by the building light of the dawning day.  Just because I couldn't see the suns' traveling companions didn't mean that they weren't there.  The celestial show this morning goes like this, Taurus the Bull with its' horns jabbing into the right side of the Milky Way Galaxy was centered for the charge at the rising sun, Orion was hiding just below the horizon with his left arm and shield raised above the horizon and his right arm and club extending into the Milky Way Galaxy was poised to strike the bull charging the sun, and the feet of the twins of Gemini standing in the left side of the Milky Way Galaxy also just below the horizon seemed to be kicking the sun up to the horizon like a football.   Venus is a sparkling diamond sitting on the head of the celestial Taurus and Mars was his heart as he was jumping over the moon below his stampeding feet.  What a hidden celestial movie for this my first sunrise in the land of Egypt at the foot of the Great Pyramid! 

Looking around for a good spot; I decided to stand on top of one of the three pyramids just to the east of the "GP"; the north one of the three.  It was the most dilapidated and didn't seem to difficult a climb to get to the top.  I headed there and took my position with "The "Great Pyramid" its Divine Message" under my arm. 

Not much different than my mornings on board ship waiting for the same sun I had worked with for nine years in the U.S. Navy to move ships about the high seas; except now I was walking in a sacred land and using my modern skills of navigation to play in an ancient frontier.  It was one thing to read about the sunrise on this particular day but to be here at the "GP" because of my thoughts taking action and bringing me to this spot made it a moment of self fulfillment to be remembered the rest of my life.  

Standing here on my lofty perch, I watched the first rays of the sun pierce the horizon and looking over my shoulder I saw the rays light up the top of the "GP" before I could see the sun, not quite 5:55.  I waited as the rays of the sun walked down the slopes of the pyramid and became level with the elevation where I stood, the village below couldn't see the sun.  I saw the first direct rays of the sun in the east, bearing 062 degrees true; it was about 5:54 when I felt its' warmth on my face.  I was now amalgamated with the pyramids, sun and the universe; we were all one together with God at this moment.  Again I thanked God and smiled, thinking,  I did it.  I felt so happy inside having fulfilled my dream of this moment.  I was amazed that the pyramid was so accurately in synchronization with my science of gravitational astronomy.

While standing here observing the apparent sunrise, I was approached by an Egyptian who identified himself as Moses.  As I tried to explain to him what it was I was doing here, he pointed towards the third pyramid and yelled to his friend whom he introduced me to as a horseman named Solomon.  The two of them invited me to take a tour around the nine pyramids on horseback.  I could see 6 of the pyramids from the pyramid I was standing on.  I agreed to go with them. 

As we were riding the horses we navigated our way through the mastabas on the ease side of the "GP" down to the south side of "Great Sphinx" I asked God to please show me a sign that I was supposed to be here.  Not long after this, a couple of minutes, as I was looking on the ground and I saw a very large black scarab beetle.   It was so big that  I stopped the horse and dismounted, I wanted to see this beetle up close.  Incredible scarab, it had hair on it and was so beautiful, after looking it over very closely and remembering the stories of how this beetle was symbolic of pushing the sun across the sky each day, I laid it back on the ground and watched it scurry away; wondering about where it lived and how old it might be to have grown so big.   Not a big sign, but a symbol of good luck.  Again I thanked God for this little moment.  Moses, after I put the scarab back on the ground and let it go, saw a blue ceramic scarab; probably dropped by a tourist, on the ground.  He picked it up and gave it to me.  Telling me that he did it because he saw me let the real one go. 

We proceeded past the ruins south of the "Great Sphinx" and navigated our way to the south side of the third pyramid and continued north along its' west side then we headed for the west side of the second pyramid, taking pictures and filling my eyes with the overwhelming grandeur of the these ancient monuments playing with the rising sun in the east.  After several hours of riding the horses, my new found friends invited me to have breakfast with them in the home of Moses and I said yes, I would like that very much.   Moses lived very close to the East side of the "GP" in the village of Nazlet El Samman.  

Solomon took the horses back to his stable and Moses took me to his home in the village that was very close to the east side of the "GP".  Again as Moses and I walked to his home I was asking God to please show me a sign that would let me know I was supposed to be here.   Not more than ten minutes later we entered Moses' home.  First thing I see is a picture of an American actor,Charles Bronson, on his blue sky colored walls; my mom's favorite actor.  Just inside the door on my right I see a table and on it I saw two objects that jumped out at me.  A small statue with the head missing and a seashell; both lying there together.  To anyone else they meant nothing, but to me, it was the sign I was looking for.  The two items were the same two objects I had used in a college assignment that the professor had given us before I had come to Egypt.  We were given an assignment to put ourselves in a box;   this was a 3D Design class I was taking.  Ok God, I believe I am supposed to be here, thank you, I thought.

Solomon brought some food and we ate, talked and I took some pictures.  I felt comfortable near the pyramids so I was asking them if they would help me move from my hotel on the east side of the Nile and get closer to the pyramid.  Assisted by Solomon we took a taxi and headed for my hotel.  I was amazed that we could find my hotel because now there was so much traffic and everything looked so different in the brightness of the day.  After getting a refund for the extra days I had paid for when I arrived and collected my things, I was off and heading back to the village of the pyramid.  We stopped at his mom's home and I left my backpack there and headed for Moses home again.  I wanted to run completely around the base of the "Great Pyramid" three times before noon time.  After the run, I stopped on the north side, knelt, and said a prayer to God. 

Back to Moses home; where I had indicated earlier to my Egyptian hosts that I wanted to try and stay inside the Great Pyramid overnight.  Other friends of mine had done this and I was trying to figure out how I could do it;  so my two Egyptian friends helped prepare me for my upcoming attempt at staying inside the "GP" overnight and even gave me a dark shirt to wear.  Before the pyramid closed I made my way up to the north side and waited for a bus of tourist to come so I could follow them in, acting like I was one of the tour.  I purchased my ticket and entered the "GP" mingling with a bus load of  tourist, safety in numbers was what I was thinking.  I had been there many times in my mind from the books I had read and movies I had seen, none of which did it justice.  The pyramid is a statement in itself on a megalithic scale about the geometry and mechanics of the universe, preserved in the dilapidated condition we see today.  Standing as a witness and testament to the Architect who designed it and the people that built and utilized it.

As I entered the pyramid, following the crowd, I noticed an immediate temperature drop, it was cooler inside than out.  As my eyes saw, my mind reflected on what I had read about what was in front of me.   Entering through the forced entrance which veered from the center line to the left where it would intercept the passages, I lost my sense of direction.  I made my way to the steps that lead up to the first ascending passage.  I knew that it was 286 inches to the east of the centerline.  I immediately noticed the granite blocks that blocked the way to the descending passage which also ran south and had the same offset to the east .  As I proceeded up this first leg of my assent, I was noticing the niches in the side of the passage, and remembered what the books had said about this section of the "GP" I was in.  

It represented, according to David Davidson, the time of Moses when he had taken the children of Israel out of Egypt and represented the time of the Yoke of the Law set down by Moses for Israel to follow.  The passages of the pyramid were supposed to represent the highways of the nations, according to David Davidson, past present and future.  As I made my way up the ascending passage bent over and holding on to the rails; the next juncture of the building I was approaching was reported to be the time when  Jesus was born and about 33 inches later is where he was crucified. 

I was now standing up at the beginning of the "Grand Gallery" a huge hall 153 feet long.  Standing here it was hard to put all I had read into proper perspective.  To my right was a hole in the west wall that led down to the descending passage, called the workers well, it's supposed to be symbolic of the Christ's' mission being cut short.  Straight ahead and was the horizontal  passage that led to the "Queens Chamber" and at the upper end of this gallery, the "Great Step", the East West axis of the building.   The door to the "Queens Chamber" was locked, so I proceeded to up the 153 foot incline trying to figure out what was meant by the 153 fish referred to by Jesus.  

I had a lot of studying to do.  All the information of my prior research created a symphony of questions and thoughts to reflect against as I looked at everything microscopically.  And here I was, standing in the middle of my subject.  What a way to learn, I couldn't smell the building when I was reading about it in a book.  I couldn't hear the echoes of my voice without being there.  Something very special about the personal experience of self discovery utilizing my own senses. 

Standing on the "Great Step", the East and West axis of the "GP" I looked down and North, Wow!  What a feeling standing there on a very level step where I just let my eyes travel about this magnificence "Grand Gallery", just awesome work made out of stone and placed inside a stone mountain to such levels of precision.  Sad though, I remember thinking; as I looked at the damage done to these beautiful walls by all that came before me.  As I was standing and looking to the west along the axis I tried to imagine how far in the solid rock where the North/South axis of the "GP" would cross the East/West axis; that would be the exact center of the pyramid from where I was standing, mathematically it is 286.1 Pyramid inches or about 23.8 feet west of me. The center of Divine Harmony and vertical axis of the building.  A place that I could only imagine with my mind as I was mentally probing the pyramid to get the feel of where the center was that I couldn't see or get to.    Next, the "Ante Chamber"

The first time I could stand up, I was confronted with the Granite Boss.   For those who don't know its significance, its the key to the measurement system that built the Great Pyramid; the Sacred Pyramid Inch preserved in stone.   And it is from this earth commensurate measurement standard that the hidden geometry of the gravitational constants that govern the earth around the sun reveal themselves, expressed as the Great Pyramid.  Awesome discoveries and evidence in support of a hidden and ignored truth of extreme relevance in understanding the past and purpose for such a Herculean task.  The utilitarian motive behind such an undertaking is what my study regarding the pyramid is about.  Bending down to continue into the "Anti Chamber, I noticed a hole with a wire screen over it that I could easily get past.  I thought that this hole would be a good place for me to hide in until the pyramid closed.  I continued my with my self directed tour of recalling what the books had said about what I was seeing; I didn't remember Davidson, in his book, revealing this hole in the west wall of the "Ante Chamber".  I continued with my observations and thoughts about this mysterious Ante Chamber, noticing the changes that had been made to it since Davidson had written his book many years before.  

I entered the "Kings Chamber" for the first time.  Again I used my eyes like a microscope, checking everything out with a fine tooth comb.  Again the temperature was the constant 68deg. it was famous for.  I checked out the cracks in the granite walls and the airshafts; passing the time until the pyramid closed.  I lay in the coffer with my head pointing south and visualized in my mind a story I had read some time ago about an initation where the guy when he opened his eyes he found himself in a special room with two iniates and didn't know where he was.  Afterward I made ready to go and hide in the hole in the west wall of the "Ante Chamber".  

I could hear the guard signaling from down below that the pyramid was closed, I remained silent and hidden under the black shirt I had covered myself with; snuggelned in my dark hole the guard found me.  To my surprise when he came in the hole looking for me he had a light with him that allowed me to see the extent of the hole I had been hiding in for the first time.  I saw the track for the air shaft coming out of the "Kings Chamber" north wall curving in the ceiling and inclinging up and out of the whole to the north as I climbed the carved curving steps inside this hole to see where it went.  The man grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out because I didn't want to go.  I told him I wanted to stay in the pyramid over night.  He said it was forbidden, he won, and I found myself outside the pyramid as he locked the gate. 

Out front I continued to try and  get back in.  I  met a group of people that worked at the pyramid with the tourists, "Please help me". I remember asking.  "Does anyone believe me when I say that I am supposed to be here"? I asked.  Then one man from the group sitting there said out loud, "I believe you"!  At that moment I felt a surge of energy leaving my solar plexis area and move up into my head and out my eyes into the man that said "I believe you"!  Wow, what was that, I thought as I had never had that experience happen to me before.  Was this typical of the kind of things that happen to tourist when they visit Egypt?

I hung around the area for another hour hoping the guy would come back with the keys and let me in.  It was during this time that I met another Egyptian named Joseph who had just graduated from college and had a degree in agriculture.  He told me that there was no work for him so he was selling ice-cream to the tourist.  After he sold his ice-cream he accompanied me down to the area of the Sphinx.  I was looking for the home of Moses to try and see if he could help me stay on top of the Great Pyramid overnight.  Joseph helped me find his home in the dark.

We located the home of Moses and I explained to him what had happened and I made arrangements to climb the"GP" and stay on top all night as a backup plan to be in the center of Divine Harmony.  After I had invited Joseph to come along, Moses said he didn't want Joseph to go with us.   I felt sad because he was really a nice person.  We planned to climb the pyramid after the sound and lights show was over. Soloman joined us and we were off.

The sound and lights show going on as we made our way up to the northeast corner of the pyramid to climb, lights on all over the place.  It was there near the NE corner while waiting that we met a Frenchman who spoke English named Peter and invited him to climb with us; Peter had a horn with him.

After the lights went out the four of us started our climb up the north east corner of the Great Pyramid.  About a 35 min. climb.  Breathtaking view, cool breeze, and in the center of it all right where I was supposed to be.  I could not have been in the center of the pyramid if was inside, but here, on top of the "GP" I was at ground zero where all the cardinal and innercardinal points of the compass merge in Divine Harmony.  To our surprise Joseph climbed the pyramid by himself and joined us.  He wanted to be a part of what was going on, he wanted to experience something he had never done before; climb the Great Pyramid.  Nice day and how lucky I was to have found such wonderful companions to be with through the night as I awaited the sunrise.    

The third day I was in Egypt in 1979: It's Midnight or the first min into the third day, standing with four other people; three Egyptians, Moses, Solomon and Joseph; one Frenchman, with a horn, named Peter, all witnesses to our being there in the center of Divine Harmony.  In this moment of my study of watching the universe interact with the earth and the "Great Pyramid" had me being three quarters of one rotation of the earth on its axis since the sunrise I had witnessed yesterday, I was standing on a longest land meridian in the world, in the center of all the land masses on the planet, I was at ground zero on a platform four hundred eighty five feet above the ground and about 700 feet above sea level, age of structure unknown and still in harmony with the universe by axis of earth spin and alignment to the pole star; the most scientific device on the face of the planet and its form was an expression of all the gravitational constants that affect the earth in its orbit around the sun.  Oh yes, I was very impressed by all I was seeing and experiencing.  Being a navy navigator and still in the reserves; I think I appreciated it even more than the average person standing here unaware of what this device was really built for and it's relationship with the universe.

The protective clothing I wore for this activity was not something that protected me from the cold; a pair of shorts and a tee shirt as it was hot in the day but on top of the "GP" at midnight it was cold.  One of the things I observed as I looked at the stars from on top of the pyramid was that they were no longer red.  I could see a thin layer of what seemed like a reddish colored cloud draped over all three pyramids like a dome that just touched the tops of the protruding pyramids. Below this bubble standing on the ground or base of the pyramid I remembered that the stars looked red.  Now I was above the cloud dome and the stars looked their normal bright self which I was used to seeing. The moon wasn't in the sky yet, still very dark, the day had been long, and some of the group was saying they were hungry, like there was take out up here.  Solomon volunteered to go and get us something to eat, so he climbed down the "GP" and went to find us some food.  All of us huddled close to gather and kept warm.  I remembered walking around looking over the edge of the pyramid, I could hear voices, but couldn't see the bodies that were talking well over four hundred eighty-five feet below me.  I could hear a party and band playing in the Mena House Hotel to the North Side of the "GP", I played by trying to follow a well lit road, pyramid road, north east to Giza and Cairo, but the road seemed to blend with all the lights that could be seen in this twinkling ocean of earthly stars.  Then looking to the west it was very dark, hardly any lights in that direction to see, I then scanned to my left, southwest, and I could see the area at the bases of the pyramids that were lit up by the street lights, the black tar road looked like a ribbon weaving itself around the packages of pyramids as it moved south along the west side of the "Great Pyramid" to the corner where it turned 90 degrees west to run along the north face of the 2nd pyramid and after clearing it turned and headed south again off towards the third smaller pyramid and then disappear into the darkness of the black desert.  To the south, was more darkness and as I continued the panorama.  From the southeast corner I could see more lights sparsely twinkling in the region of Saqquara and on over to the Nile.   Again sound from all around me resonating; it was like being the magnet in the center of a speaker.  I walked all the way around the edges of the truncated apex of the Great Pyramid.  Then moving to the center of the "GP" and here I was standing in the exact spot where North, South, East and West amalgamated and fused; here at the focus point of Divine Harmony, on top of the altar to God in the midst of the land of Egypt, I again thanked God for allowing me to experience his work and fulfill my desire to be standing in the center of love and light this wondrous night. 

Our friend, Solomon,  returned with food, a welcome treat for the unanticipated hunger.  It was breakfast yesterday that I had eaten last.   The cantaloupe, bread and cheese and other nutrients for our consumption this chilly morning made the stay even more memorable.  As I waited for the sunrise that would mark one full rotation of the earth on its axis, I sat on the edge of east face a row down making me a seat to block some of the chilling breeze that kissed the top of this stone mountain.  Here come the mosquitoes, with no way to protect me from their relentless biting I fell victim to a painful and annoying wait.   Eventually one of my Egyptian friends lent me his head dress which I wrapped around my face head and neck to keep the mosquitoes at least off those parts of my body.  I would never have thought that these small insects could fly all the way to the top of the "GP" and attack anyone sitting there unprotected.  I could see below as the light of the morning, twilight approached.  I could see small details develop slowly like a Polaroid picture, to dark at first to see anything and now see forms coming into view.  The sizes of people were mere dots like ants moving along the ground.   Ah, there is the small pyramid I stood on yesterday to view my first sunrise in Egypt and now twenty four hours later, I am at the top of the pyramid that I saw the rays of the morning sun hit first.  Looking to the east, oh what a beautiful sight; I felt like I was looking around the curvature of the earth as the moon seemed to be floating in its sea of tranquillity, a slither of light kissed its lower left side and the darkness of the rest of it seemed to glow in the  rich and colorful  universe beyond it.  This sight is hard to put into words also as beauty of this kind is just breath taking.  As the light of the morning became brighter and brighter Solomon said he had to go and get some camels for us to meet when we came down after the sunrise.   It seemed that everything of this day had its own special time for happening.   I just let go and let everything happen in its own way and at its own time.  As the sun was about to crest the horizon to the east with the moon fading as the sky got brighter; I remember sitting and trying to feel the energy of the building and universe on these closing moments of my first twenty four full hours of one sunrise to the next, replaying all the moments in my mind.

Peter was the only other foreigner of the group and had a horn with him.  He was invited by me to come with us for this all night stay on top of the "GP" and was now ready to blow his horn at the first ray of sunlight to crest the horizon.   As I sat there waiting for the appointed time, I felt a gentle swaying movement rock my body moments before the sun ray touched my eyes giving me the feeling that the sun was now moving back towards the equator because it had met its maximum ascent above the equator and was now heading the other way, this feeling was ever so gentle.   Signaling with his horn, a blast,   the new day had arrived and four people on top of the "GP" were witnessing sunrise before anyone on the ground could see the sun.  On that note we all started our descent down the southeast corner to the base of the pyramid.  Waiting for us was Solomon with the camels.   I stepped from the blocks of the Great Pyramid onto the back of the camel, never to touch the ground with my feet.  Solomon had made arrangements for me to go straight to the paws of the sphinx; where I went immediately to the Dream Stela, and looked it over very closely, while sitting on the stone that it rested on, I remember resting my back against the Stela as I was touching it and feeling it with my fingers; this ancient granite Nome of unknown age holding its' messages proudly to the rays of the sun to kiss each morning.  Seeing with my finger tips and recording the information they were sending to my mind forever.  How old and fragile this object really was that pieces of the granite flaked off by the touch of my fingers?  Good morning again to a summer solstice sun rise from in-between the paws of the "Great Sphinx".  Peace was my feeling as I rested my back against the Dream Stela of the "Great Holy Sphinx" contemplating my last twenty-four hours in Egypt.

Then to Solomons' home, where I took some photos of the group, I washed eyes, covered with flies, of the children, retrieved my backpack and then said goodbye.  Alone again, I made my way back up to the "GP" and was walking around slowly as I hadn't slept for some time now.

I was walking around on the plateau near the King Farouk Palace with my backpack when I was approached and asked by a guide at the pyramid that I had met the evening before, if I wanted to go down into the bottom of the "Great Pyramid".  He did not ask me for money and I said, "Yes"!  I would like to do that, but I explained to him that I was very dirty and tired after being up for such a long time with no sleep and asked him if I could do it the next day.  He said ok, and we made plans for me to return the following morning.  

So I checked into the Mena House Hotel and took a good hot soak in the bath tub; cleaning the wounds of many mosquito bites I had received throughout the night and morning on top of the Great Pyramid while waiting for sunrise and removed what seemed like a ton of dirt from my body.  After having  a good meal I collapsed exhausted and slept till morning. 

My fourth day in Egypt; after breakfast, I took some candles that I had found in my room, because I didn't have a flash light, put them in my back pocket and headed for my invitation to go down into the bottom of the Great Pyramid.   I was given access to the lower parts of the Great Pyramid which were gated and locked.  During this time in 1979 down below there was no iron gate blocking the "Dead End Passage" leading South out of the "Subterranean Chamber" at the bottom of the pyramid.  So I crawled on my hands and knees without a candle or flashlight into this dark dead-end tunnel, 52 feet 9 inches long.  Here I was deep into the bowls of  the "Great Pyramid" of Giza, no light and heading farther into uncertainty.  I was making sounds similar to an owl, I let out a series of  "Whoooo  Whooo etc...  from by my voice, hoping that by projecting sound it would reflect back and prevent me from bumping my head into the end of the passage in the cramped darkness. 

How interesting, I thought, although this passageway supposedly in solid rock and a tight 29 by 31 inches in width and height and I didn't get the feeling of claustrophobia.  Half way down the passage I could hear the sound resonating in two directions.  The sound of my voice reverberated and echoed in the "Subterranean Chamber" behind me and ahead of me - becoming louder and cathedral-like as I approached near the end of the "Dead End Passage".  This place sure didn't sound like it was in solid rock, as I listened to the echoes above me go on and on. How beautiful I thought. 

So I played a while here with no light in the dark, just me and the Great Pyramid together.  I was as far inside this building as I could go physically and from there my mind traveled with the sound as it traveled about the rooms above me.  No book ever written, that I had read, about the Great Pyramid had described to me what I was experiencing and discovering. 

With all of humanity before me, why hadn't someone before me noticed these "Echoes" in Solid Rock?  Because of these echoes I claim that this section of the Great Pyramid is not in solid rock and a room has to be there.  Am I the first to know this?

Completely unknown to Me, as I crawled towards the end of this 52 feet 9 inch tunnel and prepared to take up my horizontal position in these cramped quarters, was that the Giza Pyramid complex began to take up its exact position under the great constellation of Orion.  The Hermetic saying "As Above, So Below" could never apply more than in this situation.  As Alnitak merged into stellar alignment straight above the Great Pyramid - its geo-structural counterpart - the symbolism continued down into the dark depths beneath this grand pyramid to where I lay.  Is this like being in the right place at the right time?

After experimenting with sound and lying there quietly, I tried to quite my body down, get control of my breathing, and heart rate, slowing everything down, I didn't want to make any noise.  I then started to think about how sad some of the things I had seen since I had been in Egypt, I was thinking how sad it was that all the women were dressed in black and the children with flies in their eyes, started to cry from the emotional state I was in.  It was then that I felt an energy field moving slowly up my body, it was between my ankle and nee when it got my attention, stopping the tear that was on the edge of my eye lid.  I had never felt anything like this before as it continued to move up my body up past my hips, through my torso, and then moved up to my head completing the scan of my body. 

Then from my lying position I sat up, sort of hypnotized and started to speak out loud, "I Larry Dean Hunter am the Messiah",  before I had a second thought, again out of my mouth I heard myself say again "I Larry Dean Hunter am the Messiah".  Moments later in shock, "I" asked a question out loud "Why Me!"  I then was thinking of all the things that I felt would make me unworthy of such a thing.  I then turned around and was on my hands and knees and then started to hit my head on the ceiling of the passage begging God to forgive me for saying what had just came out of my mouth.  

Again, I want to make it clear that I am not claiming to be the Messiah I am just relating the experience as it happened.  I continued to sit there quietly in the darkness and I could hear voices.   Where were they coming from?  Sitting there I could hear a cycle about the voices, and then in all the loud sounds of many voices, I heard the sound of the coffer and I knew instantly that the voices were coming from the Kings Chamber where the guide strikes the coffer for the groups that he is taking into the GP.  Then I could hear the voices get lower and lower and then nothing.  When the next tour group came in, I could hear them also, confirming my discovery of where the sound was coming from.   Looking at my watch in the dark, I was surprised I could read the dial, as it was still glowing after being down there in the dark for many hours.  The radium was so bright that it caused a green light to illuminate the ceiling, another mystery for me.  

Standing at the locked gate, I called for the guard, who was to let me out, I was afraid that someone would have heard me and what I said out loud, and as he was unlocking the gate all lights inside the pyramid went out, he told me to wait and in all the darkness and chaos of people yelling  "Hey!  What's going on, where are the lights", I opened the door and departed this section of the pyramid without anyone seeing me depart the lower parts of the pyramid.  I then proceeded out to the entrance where I met the Chief Watchman, and informed him that I had just found a secret chamber down in the bottom of the "GP", not mentioning the scanning that had just occurred.

I then decided to go into the village of the pyramid, and then came a big dust storm, and the only place to be out of it was to browse in the shops in the village, feelings inside were mixed,  I am free now walking around and no one knows what just happened to me is the best way I can describe to you my feelings.  Incognito what a perfect disguise, walking around looking like everyone else and no one suspecting, was the feeling I had inside.

I will finish the last couple of days of this trip later, as I want to get this story posted on May 21, 1999.  My one year anniversary of when the first attempt was made to get this information out.

This single event in my life has left me with more questions than I have answers for. One thing for sure, it happened and I have been altered forever. And after 20 years of living with this knowledge and my struggles, I am now at peace with myself and secure in my relationship with God.  During these hours beneath the "Great Pyramid", I had no idea of the stellar alignment clocking its way along the heavens because I was so engrossed with the discovery of the secret chamber that was echoing above me in this Altar of God.   Since then I have learned much; even the celestial alignment of that day with the star Alnitak was unknown to me until recently.  This secret chamber, what I now call the "Hall of Osiris", is one of many focal points in my study.

What modern humanity doesn't see when looking at the Great Pyramid is the way it originally looked. Most of the stones that once covered it have long been removed. It took me many years and many trips to survey, document, and re-create the math base that I would use to describe a very eloquent device, a relic left from the destruction of an ancient civilization, our ancestors. Because of my inventors flash I thought I was studying the Pyramid as a geometrical form that could be used to farm sun light.  In this process of studying the Great Pyramid I discovered the secret chamber inside the "Great Pyramid" by accident, wasn't on my list of things to do.  However I must add, it was one of the quickest and easiest things I learned on this my first trip to Egypt; there was no book describing this phenomenon that was associated with this unopened and secret chamber in the pyramid.  This experience also left me with many serious questions that I have had to wrestle with in order to find the answers to.  For the next 20 years I have dedicated my life to this subject.  I have worked for many different companies and saved my money, vacation time, selling my cars, selling my personal possessions and anything that I could do to make money to come and study and develop until I could profess the secret knowledge and the ancient uses of such a grand geometrical structure. These things are beyond anything  you have ever read regarding Egypt' pyramids today.  What you are reading now are the experiences, investigation, study and revelations of a sojourner, Me,  Larry Dean Hunter in the land of Egypt from June 1979 to now.

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