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In 1989 an Egyptian news paper asked a question, "Who is this American Tourist?".  

I  thought my revelation of the location of a secret chamber inside the "Great Pyramid" ="GP" would have excited everyone, I know I was.   From the first person I made this news known to, the Chief Watchman of the "GP" on June 23, 1979 until now; instead of being a welcome discovery by the Egyptian Antiquities Authorities in 1979 and again in 1988 after having personally submitted written copies of my disclosure to the Egyptian Tourist Police, Antiquity Officials and a Cabinet Minister of the President of Egypt; my discovery has been swept under the rug or kept secret.  One year after my 1988 disclosure to the antiquities authorities, I went back to Egypt because I wanted to know what, or if anything, had happened regarding my disclosure of the secret room inside the Great Pyramid.   "Nothing", is what I was told by some, and others said they were never informed of my disclosure of a secret room.  I then resubmitted copies of my disclosure to the Chairman of Antiquities, his security officers, and others regarding the opening of this secret room.  During this period of time I was also looking into some village whispers regarding sabotage against the Sphinx, and not long after this a breach of confidentiality occurred in 1989 when Dr. Hawass revealed publicly my disclosure which I made to him regarding the secret room in the bottom of the "GP" which he then reported to the news papers in Egypt, of which I have copies.

Dr. Hawass said  "Larry  made up the story of the Sphinx sabotage because I wouldn't let him open a secret chamber in the bottom of the "Great Pyramid"".

In 1989 this revelation was read by the people of Egypt, so the Egyptians know of my disclosure to Dr. Hawass.  This news event even appeared on Egyptian television where prominent Antiquities Authorities talked about me, the secret room and the topic of the Sphinx sabotage.

As part of the investigation regarding sabotage against the Sphinx, conducted by the Attorney Generals office for the State of Giza, they went to the "Great Pyramid" to check out Dr. Hawass's statement that I made up the story of the sabotage because of him not letting me open a secret chamber.  The investigators were denied access initially by antiquity authorities so the investigators went to court, asked for, and were given a court order allowing a team of four archeologists accompanied by the investigating attorney, Ahmed Sherief, to close the Great Pyramid and check out my claim of a secret room inside the Great Pyramid.  I had a phone call with an eye witness that said they went inside the "GP" and confirmed my discovery that Dr. Hawass disclosed to the news papers about this secret room I had disclosed to him.  Obstruction of justice ensued, big time.  It's my personal experiences in trying to protect this secret room from unclean hands which has led me into all this chaos.  Getting credit for finding this room is "Not" my first priority.  I must tell this story now and quickly.

Knowledge of these previously undisclosed discoveries has not come into the full light of day in the West.  I have kept quiet for a very long time about my discovery and I not happy with the way certain Egyptians have responded.  I will tell my story and let you ask why.

This has been a long journey for me that has lasted for twenty years of my life.   Over twenty-five round trip plane rides from Los Angeles to Cairo, research, study , and acquiring the necessary equipment has been very expensive.   By investigating the many leads that came to my ear, it has taken my life's savings but I have learned so much in the process.   I lost track of how much money I have spent long ago with all my patents and patent attorneys that made over $150.00 and hour.  It is therefore important, before we dive into these waters of discovery together, to first let you know a little about me and why I can swim so well in these waters.  "The American Tourist" as I am called in Egypt.  A relative unknown, is navigating you upon this sea of hidden knowledge regarding light, the Great Pyramid, and the people of the village of the Giza Plateau.

I have effectively side-stepped modern orthodox Egyptology and probed the dusty alleys and mud huts of Nazlet-el-Samman looking for supporting evidence to corroborate my discoveries.  This is the village of the Great Pyramid on the western edge of Cairo, lying in the shadows of the Giza plateau.  Not your average Egyptian village by any means due to their location on top of ancient ruins.  Within these tiny homes and hovels live the poorest of the modern pyramid workers of the pyramids of Giza.  The modern pyramid workers are supplying me with first hand knowledge of the secret work done by the Doctors of Egyptology 30 to 40 years ago.  They have told me about the digs that were done by groups of 300 or more people of the village in assisting the good Doctors in their research into the pyramids and the ancient builders.  All their work has remained hidden and suppressed from the outside world. Until now that is!

The village speaks out through me; they know I am not there to steal their secrets.   The Egyptians respect me as someone that will teach and tell the truth about what is really happening today regarding the safety of the monuments and the dangers looming over their hidden secrets by corrupt Government Officials as well as the Antiquities Authorities with unclean hands.  It's the local Egyptians of the village, not professors, that are revealing their secret knowledge to me.  Some of the secrets they reveal to me have been passed down over the centuries, father to son.  Other secrets pertain to recent research and these living temples are the missing links to the hidden past I am seeking, something others coming to Egypt overlook.  Knowing what the modern day Egyptian people of this village know, I feel,  it's a prerequisite in pursuit of the truth regarding these matters.   Many have tried to discredit the local people's knowledge and understanding of what they know, by saying they are just rumors or stories which are made up to feed the tourist's fake stories.  I have written and spoken about the many people that visit Egypt and stay in vault like hotels; stating, that if people want to know Egypt, go out of your hotel and meet these warm and marvelous people of the village of the "GP".  Don't let fear keep you from the truths held by these living Merkabas.  I have been living with them for many years now and I have been watching them being pushed out of the picture and their village until it is like a prison now, everything is tight.  Where did the love, once prevalent here, go?  Today these proud people are fighting to keep their homes, and are threatened by the secret police if they tell their secrets to the tourist who come and visit them daily.

Some say that I have an incredible memory, likening me to a computer.  I was born on May 11th, 1950 in North Carolina, the third of three brothers, all reared by our Grandmother.  I was a professional dancer and singer from age 9 to 13, culminating that part of my growth cycle with a Distinguished Citizen Award given to me by the Governor of North Carolina, Terry Sanford, for service above and beyond the call of duty on North Carolina day at the New York Worlds Fair.  In 1963 after my trip to New York, I moved to California from the Great Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to live with my Mother, who is deaf, for the first time in my life, because at the time my Grandmother was very sick and dying.  In the California public school system I excelled in sports, track and cross country were my favorite.  I was the varsity track captain for three years in a row in High School.  I graduated from Anaheim Union High School in 1969 and instead of going to college I joined the U.S. Navy where I learned and practiced my navigation skills to a high science, commissioning two new ships, a tour of duty in Viet Nam and at the Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center.  A slick arm first class petty officer making the rank of E6 in less than four years.  I acquired some nice skills and went to excellent schools in the U.S. Navy continuing my education.  I departed the navy pursing a career in solar technologies.   A scientist, researcher, inventor and independent Egyptologist, I became many things and was confident as I went forward.    I  held the title of Senior Field Researcher for the American Anthropological Research Foundation (AARF) based out of Homeworth, Ohio and I have a patent on solar technology in several countries around the world.  My 20 years of dedicated and challenging pursuit for the truth and betterment of the entire planet has opened up such a sacred door for our future to go through.   As an experienced Geoastroarchaeologist; I have taken my prior US Naval experience as a leading navigator and a tour of duty in Navy Intelligence as an intelligence analyst, and my love for the Egyptian people and study of the "Great Pyramid" into a whole new paradigm that is vital for the continued safety and health of our entire planet.


I first came into the mass western population's mind during a night-time National Radio Show on June 26, 1997, up to then I was very private about my work.  On Art Bells' Radio Show "Coast to Coast" as a guest of both Bell and science writer Richard Hoagland;  I was asked by Richard immediately on my return from Egypt to report the results of my investigation into the secret digging that was reportedly going on inside the Great Pyramid to the listening public.  That broadcast can still be heard through Art Bells' web site of archived shows.

I have learned many secrets relating to Egypt's mysteries, and her people.  These bonds of trust shine through in my extensive relationships with the Egyptians themselves. Unlike most scientists or researchers who come to Egypt, I am not sheltered by the five star hotels or assisted by academic permits - allowing one to avoid interaction with the everyday people and social problems of Egypt.  I prefer to sleep, eat and live as an Egyptian with the Egyptian families and have become a master at navigating through the souls and hearts of the thousands that love me.  For ultimately, what I am dealing with here, is God's love.   In the village of Nazlet-El-Samman, I have celebrity like status.  Walk with me down the streets and alleys of the village and you will hear that mantra "Larey...Larey... Larey" filling the air from the voices of people I pass by, including old women and young children.  I receive this attention because of my keen and compassionate ability to touch the lives of each and every person I meet.  I  have been visiting and helping this village for over 20 years and I am loved very much for this.  A master of the living temples;  these relationships have provided me with knowledge, wisdom, strength and a determination to save these monuments and the people that live amongst them from the hands of corruption and greed.  My Egyptian hosts in the village of the pyramid took the first step towards me and asked me for my help. I have never turned my back on them or their problems.  My writing and web site are a testament to that promise between us.  The word is getting out no matter how small, unscholarly or unknown I am.

With an extensive US Naval background, I was trained to move naval ships of war around the world - which I did for 10 years.  Having acquired a top secret clearance, I entered into the secret world of Naval Intelligence where I acquired even more specialized training while working on special projects for the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff..  But the restraints of the Navy did not provide me with the freedom I needed to pursue my quickly developing scientific interests in solar energy.  The Navy had provided me with new tools and skills of a scholarly nature, but the time and life dedications to the Navy became a hindrance after a decade.  I  needed to become a civilian again to ultimately have the freedom to continue my personal research and scientific goals.

In 1979 after one semester of College I  made my first of many trips to Egypt.   Although an American citizen, I maintain residence both in Los Angeles, California and in Nazlet-El-Samman, Egypt as "The American Tourist".  Even if I was without money or means in this Egyptian village, most families would open their doors and welcome me to stay as long as I wanted.  My complex mind manifests in extreme simplicity.  My ability to understand the true secrets of the pyramids even impresses me. What is more impressive is that I patented this secret device of ancient technology, see US Patent #4 509 501.  My knowledge of the pyramids has yielded a stamp on a patent making me an inventor, inventing an effective solar energy collecting system based on the geometry of the Great Pyramid.  I now hold patents  in over 7 countries around the world, including the United States and Egypt, and have translated the teaching into every major language of the world.  I have rediscovered a technology used in ancient times; rediscovering the knowledge to collect sunlight using the pyramidal form.  Parts of my patented system of controlling sunlight are currently in use by the US Department of Energy at Solar 2 in Dagget, California.  Its' predecessor, Solar 1, was the world's largest solar producing power planet paid for by the taxpayers of America.  It employs a 1,818+  canted heliostat mirror system that is computer controlled to concentrate sunlight (electromagnetic radiation) onto a boiler affixed to the top of a tower which produced enough electricity for a city of 10,000 people.  My work in this field of alternative energy has been validated by the theft of technology I learned in Egypt.

Humanity built the Giza complex in a very ancient time to farm and collect light on a scale unimaginable today... providing free and efficient energy that was distributed around the entire planet; figuring that at the speed of light, this energy travels around the planet seven and a half times each second. With God's help, I pray for the day when humanity truly resurrects this ancient place in a literal rebirth of the Phoenix.  I feel that before this can occur, there has to be a cleaning house of the current Antiquity Authorities, some even say it has been taken over by the Antiquities Mafia.   These modern grave robbers that call themselves Doctors of Egyptology have control of the monuments. There needs to be a cutting of all strings with the forces that currently manipulate the affairs of how archeology is conducted in Egypt.  I remember reading in Isaiah somewhere that says that God will make Egypt the most powerful nation in the world.  Well, if Egypt doesn't wake up and see what is going on with their inheritance, the ones delegated to protect them will have sold everything necessary for this to happen for their own personal gain, and to hell with the Egyptian people.  The right tools have to be in the right hands to get the right results.   Something has to kill this cancerous virus consuming the treasures of Giza and Egypt.  Stop the dismantling of these ancient devices, this ancient technology has been re-born.  The ancient "power centers" will be turned on once again, stop fighting the inevitable.  The truth is out.  Step aside and let God's will work His magic. A wish list, smiles.

As if my life is not already scheduled to the hilt, I have been getting busier and busier as the years go by.  I was quickly entering into the lecture circuits and on radio and TV shows around the world.  I can stand my ground in any situation and maintain an impressive confidence that most can not when discussing the many facets relating to the current situation in Egypt.  While in Egypt, I have sat with many Generals in the Egyptian Army as well as Tourist and Antiquities Police Generals, high government officials, ministers, congressmen and Attorney Generals, police and even influential press people.  My contacts here in Egypt are extensive with friends in high levels of government, military and media.   I have had meetings with the Arabic Organization of Industrialization.   Professors in various universities and the list goes on and on.  If you can keep up with me, I  usually take you under my wing and nurture you into a confident and high skilled individual when it comes to understanding Egypt, her people, monuments and forgotten secrets. Your mind will become sharp, your soul will become wise and your heart will become Light.  Misuse the trust and you will find your self in troubled waters very quickly

Currently, I also tour North America doing cat shows, demonstrating my compassion and interest not only extends to the human species but also the feline species.  A fantastic hobby; breeding a new genetically engineered breed of cat, the Bengal Cat.   One of my female cats on the show circuit received the title of 20th best short hair cat in the world, her name is, ALCats' Mintaka and as a kitten she received the title of best all breed kitten in the southwest region of the United States, the first Bengal kitten to do so.  I had to cut her adult show circuit back in order to make several trips to Egypt which prevented her from a higher standing in the world.  The activity involved in showing, breeding and working with my cats and kittens has taught me many things, the greatest being love.  In Egypt, the cat was a god of love.  A personally rewarding experience that says it all.  What ever you do, do your best, or don't do it at all.  I learned patience and channeled my energy and focus to the cat to help keep my mind off of Egypt.  Hawass tries to belittle me and my cats in the press.  I would like to remind him that he has the responsibility of taking care of the world's largest cat, the "Great Sphinx".  But the sabotage story against the Sphinx gives us an insight into what he has done with that responsibility when I rattled the Egyptian Antiquities world in 1989 with my investigation into sabotage against the Sphinx, and the story was well covered by the Egyptian press.  A story that I will re-tell in its entirety in this series.

The Orion Pyramid Theory was re- popularized by Robert Bauval, late 1994, and the theory intrigued me. While reading his book, I found errors in Bauval's' understanding and proving the theory.  I then corrected these errors and expanded this science to a high degree that others have not been able to achieve or acknowledge.  I traveled to Egypt in 1996 with a friend and showed him my work regarding the stars and their celestial counterparts.  Together we wrote about these errors, corrections and advances in a booklet named "Project Gateway To Orion - An Analysis Of The Orion Pyramid Theory".  Bauval didn't prove his theory in terms of right ascension or declination when you think of it in astronomical or scientific terms.  I did, and my procedure was flawless, everything is exactly where it should be!  So why the silence by Bauval and his new co-writer, Hancock, in addressing the errors presented in Bauval and Gilbert's' best seller, "The Orion Mystery"?

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