Hall of Records/Temple of the Great Pyramid

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Larry Dean Hunter 1998


Seventeen days remaining  in 1998; as today, December 14, 1998 draws to a close I am ready to begin the sojourn to the location of the Hall of Records/Temple of the Great Pyramid

My journey really began many years ago on this subject.   On November the 10th. I posted on this web site three pictures taken from the air of the Great Sphinx and surrounding areas.  Photos a. and   b., looking northwest,  I placed an (X) to mark the spot or  location of the Hall of records and then in photo c. I changed the aerial perspective looking east and asked the question, who could figure out where it was in Photo c..  I chose the high aerial photos for a reason, which will become apparent as I zoom in on this location, I want to impress upon you all the size of these monuments and how small a person is standing in their shadows.  The history and ownership of this piece of property will be revealed all the way back to 1851 by a dear Egyptian friend of mine for over 17 years, Mr. (Mondy) Ahmed Mohammed Abdelhadi Fayed. 

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My friend of 17 years "Mondy" and Myself

In memory and  honor to my hidden teacher and friend, I humbly dedicate this story to him, a true Egyptian who loved the tourist who came to visit the pyramids, almost like an Ambassador .  This  is really his story and a history of the events surrounding this sacred spot that I am about ready to reveal to you.  Even armed with my own skills and experiences in locating and verifying the details of  its discovery, I couldn't have validated my discovery and learned what I am about ready to tell you without gaining his trust and permission to make a video and print his FAMILY Secrets of over 147 years regarding this Temple buried just six feet under the ground. 

I followed his guidance and learned his knowledge of the history of the Giza plateau.  His father was a very famous Archeologist.  He was the one who really found the entrance to Djosers' Pyramid in Saqqara and found one of the stele now residing in front of the Cairo Museum today.  Mondy and his four (4) brothers all worked in the excavation of the monuments with their father.

As some of you know I have been working on this and other stories to post to the web for several months now.  I had planned a different introduction but yesterday around 9AM Pacific Standard Time I received a couple of calls from Egypt notifying me that my friend, Ahmed Mohammed Abdelhadi Fayed, AKA (Mondy) had just passed away.  The news sent flashes of memories of him through my mind.  Reminding me how long we had been at this and how precious the moments were that  we spent together.  His memories live on in me.

Mondy  had been ill for some time now.  In  December 1997, while I was in Egypt, he entered the hospital in critical condition.  I was financially able to help pay for the operation necessary to keep him alive.  Humanity is lucky God  gave him an extra year with us.  Again, in March of this year, I visited him in Egypt and he was looking better, I was so happy he was still alive and doing well.  During my June trip, (see photo above),  he was well enough to accompany me to the piece of property he used to own and granted me permission to do an interview on video with him revealing the location of a temple that he and his father had unearthed in 1956; over 42 years ago.

I video recorded this conversation, and it will be the backbone of this story that is about ready to unfold for you.  In this true story, you will hear details about Dr. Hawass and Mark Lehner, with Edgar Cayce foundation backing, entering the Hall of Records/Temple of the Great Pyramid, 15 years ago. 

Lets back up the clock a bit from 1998 by subtracting fifteen (15) years to take us to  1983.  What was Zahi Hawass and Mr. Lehner doing during that time?  What did Mr. Edgar Cayce say concerning 15 years before the opening of the "Hall of Records"?  Did he give a hint that they might be in there 15 years before it would or could be opened to the world? 

The statements of Mr. Cayce will also help guide me through the confusion surrounding this discovery.  It was because of his readings that I first began to look into what he was saying about the "HOR" and by following the instructions of his readings in 1981, while in Egypt, and applying my navigation skills, I navigated myself  to the location of the Hall of Records/Temple of the Great Pyramid.  I got my confirmation from digging into the minds of the modern pyramid workers living in the shadows of pre history.  But before I begin, I would like to say something regarding the current state of affairs in Egypt as they relate to me..

I wanted to return to Egypt in September, as I have been going to Egypt every three months for the last two years.  However, in June of this year, some very personal threats were being directed at me by powerful people in Egypt.  Such as,  life threatening statements attributed to the Minister of Culture Farouk Hosney like, "I am going to bury Larry Hunter seven (7) kilometers under the ground where no one will ever find him again".  Dr Hawass was also present for those comments, as the person relating the incident to me also described how he was beaten by Antiquities Police in Abasaya, headquarters for the Supreme Command of Antiquities and interrogated by the Minister, Hosney and Director General of the Pyramids, Dr Zahi Hawass about me.  This person told them both, Larry Hunter is not a thief, you are the thief's stealing antiques,  whack- a hit to the head again or electrically shocked as the story goes.  I was horrified by what I heard and saw from this modern Pyramid worker at the hands of people such as these....

I decided to forgo my September arrangements.  In addition,  because of one I had trusted and to whom I had revealed many personal things to, turned on me and went over to the dark side.  This former friend and confidant, used my friendship and knowledge and personal secrets as a bargaining chip to enter into their inner world and gain the trust of the same people I was trying to expose.  Very dangerous for all the people he betrayed.

These are individuals who I allege are guilty of serious crimes against humanity, and here this one betrayed me, by telling them who I talked to and what I had done and what I knew.  

Apparently not yet satisfied with his work, he added insult to injury by making many false statements about me, and even filed police reports against me with the Tourist Police near the Pyramids, stating I wanted to kill Dr Zahi Hawass.  This guaranteed my return to Egypt would be turbulent and dangerous.  Was this the plan all along? 

So, I am saddened now, knowing that these events have kept me from my friend and possibly being in a position to help him again if he needed me.  I was planning a trip to Egypt this month but now I no longer have my hidden teacher to confide in or ask questions of.  I only have my photos, videos, and memories now to guide me in telling you what he knew.   I'll miss you Ahmed Fayed but I promise to tell your story and keep your memories and good name alive in the hearts and minds of future generations.