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From: Mr. Larry D. Hunter                        November 6, 1988


To: Whom it may concern,

I Larry Dean Hunter, am ready to reveal the location of a previously unknown and currently unopened chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza to any responsible Antiquities Authority.

I have know about this chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza since June 22, 1979 and have kept silent about it for nine years and five months.  I have recently decided to make this chamber and its location known to the Antiquities Department of Egypt, for I feel that the time has come to open it.

This previously unknown and unopened chamber is located in the lower part of the Great Pyramid.  Located at the end of the Dead End Passage approximately fifty two feet from the entrance of this passage south of the Subterranean Chamber.

This unopened chamber is connected to the Kings Chamber as sound from the Coffer when struck by the guides giving tours to tourist is heard coming through the ceiling at the southern end of the Dead End Passage in the bottom of the Great Pyramid.  The noise of the tours entering the Kings Chamber is also heard but the sound of the Coffer is unmistakable in identifying where the sound is coming from.  The sound comes through the roof of this passage near its southern limit from the Kings Chamber to the bottom of the Great Pyramid and resonates in this previously unopened and undiscovered chamber.   This location of the Great Pyramid is supposed to be in solid rock and should not demonstrate such characteristics, however all the evidence I have researched proves that this location is not in solid rock and there is a connection between the two locations that will allow sound to travel freely from one to the other proving there is a previously undiscovered and unopened chamber with passages or connection to the Kings chamber.

Over the years since 1979 I have had the pleasure to make several personal recordings from this passage off of the Subterranean Chamber.  I can tell you that the sound is beautiful in its resonance and amplitude that reveal a magnificent chamber waiting to be opened.  Discovered by me, revealed to the proper Egyptian Authorities, a major discovery; its revelation should be studied very carefully and its opening considered by the highest Egyptian Authorities.  Great caution is advised because this chamber when opened will affect the future of he world.

I have tried on several occasions to meet the Director of the Great Pyramid, Doctor Zahi Hawass, he does not have the time to sit personally with me and fully discuss this matter and comprehend what is being revealed to him.  If anything he has made every effort to avoid me and reject my every effort to discuss this matter with him.  Even after two of his inspectors informed him of their investigation, see below, of this matter.  He still rejects me and my efforts concerning this subject.

The Doctor has given me an Antiquities Inspector, Ahmed Moustafa on the 10 of October to conduct sound test in the said area and instructed the Inspector to report back to him with the details of the tests.  This test was not to be completed on the 10th of October as the gas in the chambers was very unhealthy due to the current restoration going on that day.  Ahmed Moustafa the inspector for this test because of the situation told me to return on the 16th of October at 8:00 in the morning and we would do the test one hour before the workers arrived and started their work.

At 8:00 in the morning, 16 October I arrived as scheduled, but no Ahmed Moustafa.   I then met another inspector, Ragab, explained the situation to him and at about 8:30 we went into the office of Sammia Malac, assistant to the Doctor Zahi Hawass, explained the situation to her and secured permission to proceed to the Great Pyramid before the workers were to arrive and conduct our experiments.

The results of the test were positive in that the Antiquities inspector Ragab confirmed that he indeed did hear the sound from the Kings Chamber and the echoes of the chamber above his head, revealing to me that he had never know or heard of such things before I revealed them to him,  he being the eyes and ears of the Director of the Great Pyramid Dr. Zahi Hawass.  As instructed he reported back to Sammia Malac assistant to the Director and then later to the the Doctor himself.  The Doctor Rejected the observations of the inspector.

Because of the Doctors rejection of Mr. Ragab's investigation and observations I proceeded to organize another test in the morning of 26 October.  I secured the help of the original inspector, Ahmed Moustafa, the first inspector the Dr. Zahi Hawass had given to me to conduct the test on 10 October.  Again the eyes and ears of the Doctor.  We proceeded to conduct the test necessary to reveal the unopened and previously undiscovered chamber and connections to the Kings Chamber.  Again the results were positive in that Mr. Moustafa also hearing the echoes and Coffer through the ceiling of the Dead End Passage believes that there is a chamber at the end of the Dead End Passage with connections to the Kings Chamber.  While Mr. Moustafa was in the lower part of the Pyramid and I was in the Kings Chamber he heard the sound of the Coffer from above his head through the ceiling at the end of the Dead End Passage off of the Subterranean Chamber in the bottom of the Great Pyramid..

Again Mr. Moustafa, same as Mr. Ragab, being the eyes and ears of the Doctor Zahi Hawass reported his findings to Dr. Zahi Hawass.  To my surprise and disappointment the Doctor rejected a second Antiquities Inspector report confirming the discovery of the previously unknown and unopened chamber.  The Doctor Zahi Hawass not believing in essence his eyes and ears, those of Mr. Ragab and Mr. Moustafa.

The rejection of reports by his Antiquities Inspectors without looking into the matter himself because he is to busy and has more important things to do as he said to me, is not a satisfactory answer.  To ignore the evidence just because he wants to or because he is to busy with more important this seems strange to me.  Such an important discovery concerning the Great Pyramid of Egypt and this Doctor is to busy to check it out himself.   Even after receiving reports from his Antiquities Inspectors verifying the existence of such a chamber and its connection to the King's Chamber.  Something is not correct!

After hearing the objections of the Doctor Zahi Hawass to the findings of his inspectors I proceeded to try and demonstrate to the Doctor Zahi Hawass through one final test how he could not reject my discovery and the reports of his two Antiquities inspectors.  It was through this last test that I would block the entrance to the passage with a sound baffle to keep the sound of the Subterranean Chamber out of the Dead End Passage.   Again to my surprise and disappointment the Doctor Zahi Hawass refused to let me conduct this last test to verify and confirm with the aid of a sound engineer from America for the Doctor, the sound indeed does come from the Kings Chamber through unknown passages and into an undiscovered and unopened chamber and through the roof at the end of the Dead End Passage off of the Subterranean Chamber in the bottom of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

I have had one last conversation with Doctor Zahi Hawass out side of his office at the Great Pyramid, as he was going somewhere, very busy.  It was in this conversation that the Doctor Zahi Hawass informed me I must write to the proper Antiquities Authorities concerning this matter and tell them what it is that I know about the Great Pyramid's secret chambers, present my proposal, make a report of the discovery of the previously unknown and unopened chamber with connections to the Kings Chamber and discuss my efforts to date Etc..

My comments to the Doctor Zahi Hawass were that I felt it is his job to inform his superiors of such a discovery but I got the feeling he did not want the responsibility of such actions, leaving it to me to take the proper steps to make this known to the higher Antiquities Authorities..

I know to drill one small hole through the ceiling of said passage will reveal some of the most sacred and important secrets ever to be found in the Great Pyramid of Giza.   I would not recommend that anyone enter this chamber until the air has been tested and a video probe photograph this chamber and the data studied by the best minds of Egypt.   I recommend not to reveal this information to the out side world until such time as the ramifications of such a release will have been considered responsibly and the effects considered totally of such a release.

I have been in Egypt now since September 10, 1988 and this is my fourth trip to this country as I have been doing research on the Great Pyramid for nine years and written a patent utilizing the geometry of the Great Pyramid to control light in a solar energy collection system.  My stay in Egypt is coming to an end as November 20, 1988 at 8:00 in the morning my plane leaves for America.  I was hoping to stay longer but I feel that all my efforts to date have not been fruitful in the subjects discussed in this letter so I have planned my departure and hope that this letter will be read and the information contained in it reviewed and the proper actions taken concerning this discovery in the proper time.

I have come to love Egypt and its people.  I dream of helping your country in solving its problems concerning water and power.  I am including a copy of my work on the Great Pyramid so you may see even though I am not a Doctor by degree, I have devoted nine years of my life and many dollars in expense to demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the Great Pyramid.  I leave you a question, "To what Avail?"

Sincerely yours

Mr. Larry D. Hunter

P.S.  If anyone wants to reach me in Egypt before I leave on Nov. 20, 1988 please call me at this number (534154)  Otherwise I can be reached at the phone number at the top of page one of this letter..........